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Payment - we ask for a $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit via paypal or priority overnight mail to hold puppy. Balance of 1/2 of purchase price of puppy to be sent immediately via check or money order,  balance & shipping paid via money order at least 1 week prior to shipping.  We will not ship or release a puppy until FUNDS have cleared our bank.

. we guarantee puppy to be healthy-pass vet check at shipping, if does not pass for minor issue that can be treated we will treat at our expense & revet for shipping within 2wks.. and reschedule shipping.. (things happen, puppies can have reactions to shots/worming or change in temp)  if puppy does not pass due to more serious issue -  deposit can be transferred to another puppy or refunded.      BUT no refunds because markings/eye color  aren't as perfect, or you found cheaper, or older, ready to ship puppy elsewhere..  .                                        

If you want to pay entirely by paypal we ask for 3% paypal fee added as shipping/vet crate are direct out of pocket costs.

HEALTH CHECKS -Parents- Puppies

 Parents are vet checked for TOTAL breeding soundness (not just hips & eyes) though our vet checks hips & eyes..  and breedings/ lines offspring  monitored for genetic health issues. - the only PROOF of genetic problems are in the offspring.  we know of breeders that since the parents "hips & eyes" tested OK, they breed them when they know they are producing puppies with other serious genetic problems.   Breeding Adults are neutered/spayed & petted out  if they produce puppies that do not have "family" dispositions or are not genetically sound. or we find out there are issues in the "lines"

 puppies have their appropriate vet recommended shots & worming and are vet checked prior to leaving. . . Puppies have 2 yr genetic guarantee on hips/eyes  Please read purchase agreement  PRIOR to purchasing.  Please note that the testing of hips/eyes on parents only tells you the dog tested is OK, does NOT tell you the puppies will be OK, the genetics for these problems are recessive and "multi-genetic" . and in our opinion these are not the only genetic issues that should be watched for.. only monitoring the offspring for generations can tell if the genes/problems exist.

REGISTRY  dogs/puppies are being  registered with ASDR (  will provide paperwork for NSDR for breeders if desired,

SHIPPING - We do ship   costs are $300 for airfare -carrier & vet health cert req. to ship via continental or alaska airlines, $350 via DELTA,  - please note some airports require express which is a little more - usually small -rural airports. we do our best to get the puppy to the closest large airport to you at a convenient time, but you may need to drive to larger airport to pick up puppy to save puppy 3-5hrs of layovers.

HEALTH - Puppies will have their vaccinations and deworming according to age ( 2shots & 3+dewormings at 9wks)  and be vet checked healthy prior to leaving

SIZE - WE ESTIMATE MATURE SIZE (ie TOY or MINI)  based on size of parents and of the puppy at 4-6wks- and previous puppies that have matured from this cross/parents.. (toy to toy mating can get "throwback" to small  mini" .. but cannot guarantee mature size  but they should mature close.. we have been pretty accurate so far.  ..


PET price- Buyer agrees with purchase that the puppy be spayed/neutered and not used for breeding of any kind - even "family pets" or cross bred, nor can puppy be hardship (without pedigree) registered for breeding -  we hold papers until we receive written proof from vet of spay/neuter.

  Breeder price - does not require puppy to be spayed/neutered, We have puppy vet checked for proper bite & both testicles decended if male,  but do not represent that the puppy is "BREEDER QUALITY" or "Show quality".. this "standard/quality" changes with the whims of the people that set them and we don't even know who they are, what is breed or show standard today can change tomorrow.. .. Nor does this guarantee that the puppy will breed in the future.