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updated 6/01/18      503-505-2124

HUGHES TOY and Miniature Australian Shepherds  

toy australian shepherd (Toy aussie) (9-14") to small miniature australian shepherd (mini aussie)                            

   BLUE EYED -tris,  loving family temperments,  OREGON


SOME are listed as REFERENCE for ancestry - the dogs behind our lines-  we no longer have ALL of these dogs


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Lil Squirt - 13 1/2" red merle 2 blue eyes -International CHAMPION

 Clear PRA, HC.. mdr1 carrier

Squirt is a super happy boy.. great temperment, came out of crate at the airport -

kissing me before even fully out.. loves loves loves people.

He is an IBECA champion (intl) and (asdr) champion..

 Tested, OFA (good) hips, patellas.. cerf (eyes) PRA n/n clear Mdr1 carrier..

from champions and 2 bets..


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UTAH - 15" blue merle

clear PRA, mdr1 & hc

 Calm gentle boy from national bloodlines..

 PRA-MDR1& HC n/n CLEAR   OFA good,



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Cuddlebugs - 9" blue merle

clear mdr1 & hc

 homebred boy, gorgeous small full coat.. loves to cuddle.. sweet happy




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LIL CHIP - 12" 2 blue eye black tri

 Home bred boy - downsized from ghosteyes lines. he is 12", but looks full size.. gentle boy that loves his cuddles

 FULL PANEL CLEAR  Not cyrptic merle, no S gene



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TriskeymanRed - 15" 2 blue eye red tri

 Home bred boy - downsized from ghosteyes lines. he is 15", Triskey x graceson.. Triskeys mom was lil triscuit (11" toy)



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Heartman  11" 1 1/2 blue eye black tri

Heartman is a 11 1/2" blue eye tri - 1 1/4 blue.  weighs about 10lbs. very social, happy boy and sires mainly small toys 10-12" with super happy love people temperments


- PRA carrier.. but have several daughters that are clear.. will test any puppies for breeding..

mdr1, hc clear



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LIL RUSTY  13" red merle "party" 2 blue eyes  Natural Bob Tail

LIl rusty was an oops, mom was 10" girl.. dad was 4mths old (puppy) when she was bred (oops)

PRA N/N Clear  MDR1 n/n clear

Lil rusty sires to his "mom".. produces puppies that have certified service dog temperments & "alert" to medications, seizures etc.. a group of his puppies are being nationally recognized


  mom - pumpkin was our bed doggy.. she would just vibrate with happiness..


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DILLON - 15" black tri

Dillon is RImfire bred. Gentle old man that just loves and demands a cuddle

PRA - HC Clear - MDr1 carrier

has great temperment, coat and bone. and soulfull copper eyes..



 Graceson  16" blue merle   2 blue eyes 

  Sugardaddy x Grace (2bet)

Graceson is sired by Sugardaddy out of Spirit of Grace a 2 blue eye tri from ghosteyes lines. 


Tested - Pra N/N clear Mdr1 n/n clear Hc n/n clear

dad sugardaddy

mom - grace 2bet

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SugarDaddy  14" blue merle -party  2 blue eyes

Sugardaddy was home raised from my foundation (original) dogs. His dad Mr Perrywinkle is now in France. sugardaddy sires gorgeous puppies with good white chrome, copper and happy temperments.. hard to get a photo of him because as soon as he sees me hes rolling over for a tummy rub


Tested - Pra N/N clear Mdr1 carrier

 dad Mr Perrywinkle  

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 12" BLUE MERLE 2 BLUE EYES - from foundation lines

Louie is 12" 10lb  blue merle with two blue eyes, very happy cuddly boy..

from smaller parents, and foundation bloodlines

tested - PRA N/N clear - MDR1 carrier

Louie was a planned boy - Lulu (mom) was pampered to have a last litter for me.. 

Louie has sired his first litters and HAS SIRED a 2 blue eye tri..

Dad -  Boomer 12"           2 blue eye black tri Mom - Waggintail Lulubell 10" blue merle 2 blue eyes..