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 HUGHES TOYs- TOY & Miniature Australian Shepherds 

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                             HOW IT WORKS - LOCAL -TO GET A PUPPY from us

All dogs are vet checked, facility is vet checked


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-----LOCAL BUYERS can include california & washington & idaho)-------------------------------

  PUPPIES SOLD LOCALLY are sold as PETS - no breeding - neuter/spay required unless otherwise agreed to

 we do NOT allow "site" visits

1) for biosecurity DUE TO high incidence of Parvo in the area - I sell puppies all over the world and they have strict quarantine requirements.

2) stranger danger -recent SCARY "VISITS (visitors)" and attempted theft - dogs are being stolen & "flipped" on craigslist..  in calif - nevada can sell them for retail on craigslist - don't  have the local 'craigslist" police.

3) Insurance - our homeowners has specifically said no visitation for animals - dogs/horses is covered.

4) Peace for the neighborhood - strangers make my dogs bark -that is their nature- but the neighbors complain and can't have complaints. Their kids can scream/yell and ride motorbikes at all hours. but dogs can't bark.



 OUR DOGS, FACILITY and care  are inspected/reviewed by a USDA certified VETerinarian.

 * A Healthy puppy raised with love & care in a biosecure environment.  Puppies cannot come out of biosecure area until after 1st shots, which is 7weeks.  So basically  close to  go  home-.  I do not have puppy "shoppers" out going from breeder to breeder due to transfer of diseases - especially parvo - . can carry it on your shoes, clothes and the tires of your car.  guarantee puppy will pass vet check at 7 weeks.

 * Parents are REGISTERED - from carefully selected breeding for family companion temperment and health.  Many of our breeding dogs are generations of our breeding - we have/know the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Know their temperments, health, strengths and weaknesses.  But "physical" attributes - ie phenotype is not always what they sire/produce.  That is in their genes - ie genotype - and can only know how a "line" produces by breeding multiple generations and keeping offspring to see how they mature - both physically, health- short & long term-  and temperment.

 * a 2 yr genetic health guarantee

 * parents being tested for genetic issues that would negatively impact the puppy growing up to be a long term family companion

 * I have been breeding toy/mini aussies for 15years - I do not have another breed of dog.    I have bred Aussies for quality family companions over "perfect ear set- ie show type" since the beginning.  I have breeding stock that trace to the foundations of the breed, and all breeding dogs are MULTI GENERATION  Miniature Australian Shepherd.


           we will meet you with the puppy when it is ready - in a mutually agreed public place.  


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STEP # 1-    PICK A PUPPY - click on PUPPIES PAGES - puppies are listed by  SIZE  ,  click on individual Page to see currently available puppies - for informaton - price                                                                                           

  If you see one that you are interested in -    Email or call - give us a little detail on you, what you want the dog for/ to do-activity and care level -  We will answer  your questions, send more photos, and let you know if this puppy will be good for you/your family and/or recommend ones that will suit better.. ALL puppies are bred for good temperment, companion & health - priority over perfect ear set or "show" color or qualifications.  many of our puppies  are champions at various endeavors            
All of our  breeding dogs are registered with and multi generation  ASDR, NSDR, or both. with testing being done for PRA, MDR1 , Hips.   all  are vet checked, and many are multi generation our breeding.. We know what the parents, grandparents were, and how the puppies generally mature from various parents.. anyone that breeds dogs without multigeneration pedigree and knowledge of the testing and  background is not being a responsible breeder.

We guarantee the puppy will be healthy and pass a vet check prior to you getting it, and if meet in person, that you will like the puppy or can change/transfer your deposit or will return your deposit

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason and will return your deposit.

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 If puppy is ready to go home, we  will meet you when convenient & mutually agreed public place

WE do not hold a Puppy without a deposit. and deposit must be received within 12hrs of saying you are sending it ..
If you want a pup that is unborn or under 8 weeks ......  you will need to place a deposit

Deposit on Puppies locally  is $250 to 1/2 and the payment for balance upon meeting in cash -


  We do leave tails on puppies by special request - payment in full is required by 3 days.. cannot guarantee eye color or exact size- cannot transfer or cancel unless puppy does not pass vet check.

*Deposit is non-refundable unless puppy does not pass vet check or unless agreed to with seller prior to deposit (ie represented as Two blue eyes, or teacup and that changes.. )  Deposit Can be transferred to another  available pup  or future pup for up to 1 year.    (puppy must be 7weeks or less when cancelled so I can resell it)  puppies are expected to go home within 1 month of 8weeks or deposit is made unless otherwise arranged/agreed.  if not I have the right to charge for care and/or if cannot contact buyer by methods provided  puppy is "abandoned" and no refunds or transfers.. (yes this has happened)
  We take payment thru (chase,wellsfargo, bofA) or (any bank) id

       can pay thru paypal for small deposit as holding fee $250 - (this is due to change in paypal policies that they don't accept transactions for live animals)   - must put in notes that is HOLDING fee.

  direct deposit or transfer to either Chase or Wells fargo accts if you bank there.  for online trf id is

   please confirm puppy you are placing deposit on is still available

  we send weekly (try) updated photos of your puppy..


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     if no deposit on puppy that is ready to go home.-WIll meet you in Eastern Portland area (damascus or Troutdale) -to  portland airport if shipping on my schedule

    With a deposit  Will travel to Salem,  Kelso. WA  to Mt hood -   I used  to meet people quite a distance without a deposit - but after driving 2hrs each way to meet people 1/2  way  and waiting  and being stood up multiple times - don't do that anymore..



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Dogs & puppies are VET CHECKED


 Puppies will have vaccines & worming & flea treatment per vet protocol


 6wks neopar parvo

 8wks Galaxy Da2PPv

12 & 15wks Galaxy Da2PPv (if here)


 every 2 weeks with rotation of wormers - pls note puppies are born with worms & get worms from their mother no matter how often mother is treated. - they will need to be wormed after you get them also

 flea treatment

 advantage, frontline or   Revolution - prevention for fleas, heartworm  etc. 


- I do not "broker" or purchase other breeders puppies to resell - I know the parents, the "lines" & watch the puppies as they grow

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Breeding  Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds for loving companions with great family temperment,  less herding and less "energy" but    with the looks, intelligence and loyalty of the aussie - "citysized"  

we consider "Healthy family companion" our "best" puppy.  Good health and good temperment are more important that "perfect" ear set. but we do have "show" breeder quality.  most puppies "evaluated" or shown were show/breeder and champions

Born in the home & handled, loved daily for loving social puppies


I have some of my girls/boys  at  friends homes in partnerships so the dogs & puppies can have more "home life" and socialization,   all puppies VET CHECKED before going home.







  our dogs as working SERVICE dogs




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