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working on getting photos inserted, but wanted to update the feedback.

Hi mindy, here is a picture of Bitsy at 5 months... she just went and got her last lepto shot and will be spayed at the end of this month. She weighs 5  1/2 pounds. She is the love of my life. Bless you for bringing her into it! Cath
  Hi Minda -

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we absolutely love and adore Smokey (the girls named him!)! He is super sweet, has a wonderful personality and has brought us many smiles and laughs this week. He seemed to adjust very quickly to his new home and our other dog, Koda, is so great with Smokey. He's very gentle and patient and plays keep away and chase with Smokey. We are adjusting to having a tiny dog in the house as well – watching where we step, etc.

He is awesome and doing well!

Enjoy the holidays!

  Hi Minda! Just a quick note to let you know that Beckett is doing great - growing like a weed! He is going through a stage of being all legs right now - he is adorable! Housebreaking is coming along . He is much quieter in the crate now. We went through one session of puppy-K, but we started it late and Beckett was the youngest and smallest in the class. He was very intimidated by the bigger puppies. So, as he is still young enough, we are going to do a second round of puppy-K. I want him to have the experience of being the oldest pup in the class. He also still seems a little immature to go on to a beginner obedience class. I want him to have lots of opportunities to be a puppy and just have fun!!!! He is very smart - sometimes I think too smart for me!!!!

Could you give me your mailing address? I just have something that I want to send you! Hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful holiday season!  lauralynbrowndvm  (VET)
Merry Christmas from the Disney's....

We wanted to forward you some pictures of Mylo. (Sugardaddy x Sydney). He has been such a great addition to our family. He is such a sweet natured little guy. He was out of Sydney and SugarDaddy's litter that was born 7/5/11.
We get stopped all the time asking what kind of dog he is and how beautiful he is. Of course he drinks up all the attention.

My husband has turned Mylo into a diehard Ducks fan so I included one of the game day pictures with his jersey on.

We will be looking to add another puppy to our family within the next year so looking forward to talking with you in 2012.

Mark & Kerri Disney


He is do awesome he goes out side to potty & he ride in the car great


Hi Minda,
I just thought I would send you a picture of my puppy.He is a year old today.I get complements on him everywhere I go....and I take him everywhere...I tell everybody about you.He stayed little.
Thankyou so much
Paige Bruins
this is one of syndeys red merle males  we met you to pick him up in washington. and i just wanted to say THANK YOU! he is the love of my life and i am extremely greatful of the life that you gave us. he is completely healthy and recently got neutered. he also does all his commands by a hand signal he is just the smartest little boy i know. thank you again!

-the barry family
Hi Minda,
I wanted to let you know that Yellie had her health check and passed with flying colors. Our vet had not had a teacup as a patient before and was charmed by her. We were his last appointment so he checked her out and then decided he just had to play with her to make sure just how smart she really is. He pronounced her a Very Well Balanced little bundle of attitude.

Danielle and I both want to thank you for the many hours of laughter Yellie has given us in these short few days.

I don't know how to thank you for this wonderful little bundle of joy.

Kriss and Danielle

Hi Minda, just wanted to give you an update on Matilda (Mattie) formerly Skylers BtF1. She is so smart and well-behaved. Right now, she and Bailey, our Sheltie, are running around the pool table like they are possessed, having a great time. She is getting so big, and she loves people, and going for drives, and walks on the leash. The vet says she is perfectly healthy. My friends are impressed at how many commands she knows already.
The other day my mother informed me I have two of the best dogs in the world. What else is there to say?
Thanks! I wish we had room for another one.
  10/11 belgium

Yes, thank you, it took me 4 hours to arrive there (from 5h30 to 9.30, one hour at the Airport, and 3 hours for coming back. I arrived at home a little time ago and have let them run and run and run in the yard till they had well explored it. Twiggy is friendly and like a little clown, not wanting to stay still on my lap, but coming joyfully each time I call her. I had to remember that they didn't speak French yet, because "Viens!" was not working, but when I changed it to "Come!" it was ok.. lol. Nanouk comes as well and she just wants to stay still on my lap and be loved.. lol. I think both are beautiful.

We spoke with Reinier and Gea about the great job you have done. This is fantastic.
Do you think that Teddy will be ok with the size for Twiggy? Otherwise I'll have also small beautiful girls for him in my current litter who will be a little bigger than him.

Thousands of thank you again!!!


10/11  Netherlands

Hi Minda,

Yes, we got them!! Both are so nice!! They both doing great, they follow my everywhere I go. I am so happy with them.
Thank you so much Minda, for all you did for us.

Will send some pictures and an update soon.

Regards Gea

hes 2yrs old..

Hey Minda, I wanted you to have a nice picture of Darwin that I just took this past weekend while he was playing out in the cat pen (I have a pair of bengal cats and he and the male get along really well, so he always goes in with me when I feed and clean). He is turning out nice and pretty, his coat is coming in, but he only weighs 4.5 pounds.



Can't believe he has been in my life for just a little over two months. He is PERFECT. Loves to ride,short or long. Loves to go to the nursing home where my husband is a patient and is a super star at the facility with both patiernts and employees. And aside from hisoutgoing personality is quite handsome and a great companion. Coulld not have done beter if I had written out specificfations for him

  sept 18 11

Hello Minda, I thought that I would send you a message and some photos to update you on our wonderful toy pup Klaus. We have been doing great and experiencing many new and exciting things. Klaus is now a bit over 3 months and he is almost 5 lbs. He is such a sweet little guy and he certainly LOVES to be around his family. We have tons of fun together playing in the yard, going on walks, going to the beach, taking naps, and even swimming! He is a great little swimmer! We have had such a great time together and my boyfriend, David and I have really enjoyed adding Klaus to our little family. Thank you so much for helping us find out perfect little pup!

Sincerely, Megan

Thanks again for allowing us to get Bogey and Duece from you.
Here's a couple pics of our buddy Tobey that we lost in January. He won our hearts and is the reason that Aussies will always be a part of our lives.

My sister, Beth Skaggs and her daughter picked up another puppy from you Monday afternoon and love him too.

If there's anything we can do to show support for you folks, let us know?

Have you considered putting your website on Facebook too?
You could get tons of posted support there, I'm sure.

Anyway, thanks again.
Keep up the great jog.
Tim & Luan LaLonde
Vancouver, WA


Thank you so much again for the puppy. His name is Sawyer and he is doing very well here in BC. He definitely likes to run and really enjoys laying in the grass. He is a pretty tiny little guy with a huge personality. Would you happen to have any pictures of the mom and dad, the link on your site is not working. So far everything is great and I really appreciate what you have done. I have included some pictures so please let me know if they work.
aug 7 2011

Hello Minda, Steve and I are having a great time with the new puppy. He is absolutely beautiful! He is calm and happy. I cannot believe how fast he has fit right in around our place. We set his little bed area up on our front porch and before the first week was up he already has no accidents! He goes for a 2 mile walk with us each evening and sticks very close without using a leash!! His health his perfect and we will soon take him in for his last shots. Our 2 grandkids are staying over a few days and love the new puppy. We are thinking “Arthur” now as his name because he is like a little King! I will send a pix or 2 along with this note or to follow this. Thanks again Minda for everything. p.s. the shipping and all arrangements we made with you to get our puppy were so easy and prompt and he arrived safe, sound, and happy! Thankyou sincerely, Dellie & Steve

aug 6 2011


Dear Minda,

I would like to express my sincere pleasure and appreciation of your professional and caring attitude regarding the purchase of our beautiful puppy Skye.

From my first contact; to your follow up phone calls regarding the safe shipment and health of our puppy, I found that you are a truly caring individual and a responsible professional breeder. I took my time finding the right individual to purchase the puppy I wanted, it was a good decision.
  Just a little background about me that you were unaware of during our transaction ~ I managed the animal shelter in Jackson, Wyoming for 10 years before moving on to the Investigations Section of the Police Department. During my tenure at the shelter, I personally adopted many of those animals, some were perfect pets ~ some, not so perfect due to poor mix breeding and other problems. Certainly there are many animals available from animal shelters, and I still highly recommend adoption from them. However, I wanted certain attributes, intelligence and stability that I knew from experience is very rarely available from a local shelter. The puppy we purchased is certainly fulfilling everything I wanted in my new companion and more.

Thank you for providing quality family pets for those of us wishing to choose size, temperament and breed qualities that suite our lifestyle.


Mary Lou


Hi Minda,

The vet said Teddy was in excellent health! The vet said you were a well informed breeder in regards to the vaccine . Teddy is making wonderful progress on potty training! Couple pictures of him are attached.
Thank you,


Maggie had her first vet visit and she is a happy healthy puppy….. Our vet wants to see how she looks in a few months and may be looking to purchase one “just like her” soon

Do we get a “discount” on our 2nd puppy if we refer enough people to you? lol


Hi Minda,

Kaila (Mopsy and Jasper) is a sweetheart! She is even more beautiful than her photos on your website, as her silver-blue merle coat has a rose tint. She is settling in easily, is curious, affectionate, playful, and smart. She has been pretty laid-back so far, though it took her a couple of days to get used to being alone in her crate at night. She and Merlin (whom I got from you Christmas 2009) like each other, as you can see from the pictures. She is almost housebroken after three days! Of course she has Merlin to copy, and I learned a lot from raising him last year so know some "tricks of the trade."

Because they are so smart and sensitive, I know how important it is to be diligent and exact in training them correctly from the start. I had a wonderful trainer last year who taught me a lot with Merlin starting with puppy class. She moved to CA but I am starting Kaila next week with her replacement who is also excellent. I plan to keep training her as I have Merlin in Canine Good Manners, Rally Obedience, Agility, maybe even tracking or herding (they start with geese!) just to keep them active physically and mentally.

Thank you for your thoroughness, and for sending me this beautiful girl!

Ely Fuller

heartman x shadow '10


Hi minda,
wanted to let you know jack is doing great, hes such a great puppy. he barks a lot and thats a good thing. he's healthy and such a rambunctious joy to have.
I was thinking of getting him into some agility classes, he can jump really high so i think it will be something fun for him to be in. thank you so much again for my little happy jack puppy, everyone loves him. he can be very shy around other people but is also very curious. i like that he is shy and how attached to me he is because i can walk with him without a leash and he stays right by me and has never run off. It's nice that he does this because there are lots of rabbits in my neighborhood.
thank you, hoping to get a red mural colored puppy someday.

Good Morning Minda ~ just a update on the pup . She is so smart (but you knew that already) has mastered “sit”, “stay”, “lay down”, “spit” (likes to pick up and try to eat rabbit turds, so spit is important), “come” and “load up” which applies to the car, truck or 4/wheeler. I’m sure she is spring loaded because free standing she can jump over 3 foot!
She HATES grooming but is getting used to the nightly brushing, and doesn’t mind getting her nails clipped. Pick up the harness and leash and she is ready for fun

We got Cowboy from you in July of 2007 right after we purchased our first home, he will be 4 in April and my husband and I and both of our sons agree that getting Cowboy was the best decision we ever made, we all love him to death! He is extremely cuddly and is content to snuggle up all day long J He is so smart and was so easy to train, we were even able to teach him to ring a bell hanging from the door knob when he needs to go outside. Just wanted to send a few pictures and let you know how happy we are with him!

  Hi Minda!

Just wanted you to know that our beautiful Sierra is doing very well. I've attached a picture of her and do believe she is the most beautiful puppy to ever leave your home! She will be spay next month at 6 months. Hard to believe she's growing so quickly. My son and I met someone at the dog park last week who also got their dog from you! What a small world. Sierra has brought up so much joy. Wish I was in a position to get another one, but maybe down the road. Her parents, Sugar Daddy and Rica make gorgeous babies. Thank you again. I can't imagine my life without her. Very friendly, smart and always the most beautiful dog at the park. Everyone comments on her. We've taken her on hikes and she never leaves our sides. We love her with all our hearts. Amazing!
Take care.
Patricia Garvey
Hi Minda,

I Just waned to thank you for such a good puppy..Very pleasant dog..Very friendly..Very good with my 4 y.o. daughter and my older ACD..Very smart..Very pretty :)
I am very happy with the way she is.. I love how exited she gets when she sees me...

I am meeting the vet in 2 weeks to schedule her to be spayed end of march.



I thought I'd give you a quick update on the pups, Sheba & Boomer. I've attached a recent picture. She is six months old and he is nearly 5mos. They are doing fantastic! We have them out almost everyday for walks, or puppy socials or dog park training, etc. Let me tell you, they are regular celebrities! We get stopped all the time and asked about the breed. We always tell people if they are interested to look you up online. I'm telling you Minda, we should have your card and be on commission!! ;) Don't be surprised if your inquiries raise significantly out of the Bay area!

They are just the best little guys in the world and we are really, really happy! Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Christian & Amy
  Hi Minda,
To say that we’re all madly in love with Chloe would be an understatement! She is the cutest, sweetest puppy ever. Loves on everybody. Is very well behaved and hysterical to play with.
She has a baseline appt with our vet tomorrow and she starts puppy class on Thursday.

Could you email me a copy of her shot record? They won’t let her start class without it.

Thank you again for such an amazing little addition to our family.
Hi Minda -
You sold me and my son a puppy 3-4 months ago. She was born 6-20-10. I wanted to send you a note to tell you that she is the best thing we ever did. She is the sweetest, cutest, smartest dog on earth! Jared tells her he loves her every day and kisses and hugs her.
We ended up not being able to pad train her but the woman that walks her has 3 young children and her husband comes with her in the morning to walk her just so he can see her! She takes the dog to her house all day so they can spend more time together!
When I walk her at 6:30 in the morning she brings a smile to anyone who looks at her - which is hard to do to a NYer who is outside in the dead of winter at 6:30am.
Thought you would want to know you made a family very happy and a dog too.
  Hi Minda....Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and send you a couple photos of Orielle who is doing just great. The first photo is Ori with my Mom on her 100th Birthday Nov. 1st. Unfortunately, Mom died on Nov. 16. But she had two special months with little Ori. In fact, Mom died in her sleep with Ori curled up in bed beside her. She had a wonderful life and a wonderful peaceful death. Ori made her last days very happy.

Dear little Ori was lost for quite some time once she no longer had the "job" of herding my Mom around the house. Her job now is to "announce" visitors. Ori has turned into a great watch dog with a very BIG bark.

Today she went with my singing group when we performed at a nursing home and Ori was the hit of the show. Everyone loved her. Tomorrow she will be doing some "therapy" visiting at another nursing home. Ori is very good with the old folks. She also loves to run in the snow and play frisbee. She is a very good girl and is loved by everyone who meets her. Thank you again for rushing her to us. My Mom needed her and now I need her. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

  hi Minda,
the small golden-girl is doing very well! She is a very happy and sweet little lady! I have emailed a photo so you can see how pretty she is!

I hope you fine too! ... And your pack of dogs too! :-)
You have many very nice puppies! Congratulations!
The black-bi are really beautiful! a real temptation!

Best regards
Peter from Switzerland
  You are so right! - I remember you emailing that it was difficult to get pics because the puppies would come up and stay right on your feet and by you- that is so true!!! He is all love!!!
I love the "loved to death" happy!

I will continue to send cute pics- thank you again!!!
What a wonderful breeder you are! I truly believe in good breeders and you have proven that you are so wonderful!!!
Hi Minda,

Just thought I would send you a few pictures of the little guy so you could see how well he is adjusting and having a blast in the snow! He is just a darling and growing like a weed, over 12 pounds now. Any one that sees him just falls in love and they are amazed at him.

Take care,
Kathy MacCorquodale
Hi MInda,

Its been a while but wanted to show you how beautiful and, happy Saddie and, Sugar Daddys baby is.
She is a true blessing in our life what a loving little girl. By the way we are the people that live in Washougal
Wa. I keep looking at your website and, wanting all the new babys but, just a little to much work. I don't know
how you guys do it. But just wanted to say again thank you for a very perfect little doggie shes the greatest.

Craig and Teri Ralston





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