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HUGHES TOY and Miniature Australian Shepherds  toy australian shepherd (Toy aussie) (9-14") to small miniature australian shepherd (mini aussie)                       

          loving family temperments,  OREGON

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 2012 References & notes from buyers
Its been a week and she is doing real well. Everyone loves her....her name is Maiya. Thank you your puppies are great. Its a possible near future I'll be getting another one of your overlooked babies....

Happy customer


Hey! My name is Lyan Jones and I had adopted a toy Aussie from you about a year ago that was also known as coca cola m3 I believe. Anyways I just thought I'd let you know how happy he's made me and what an amazing addition he's been to this family! He's a big healthy and happy boy!!! :)
Sagi was playing with the mini-Aussie up the street and my neighbor took these.  Sagi had her make up done beautifully, don't you think?

She's just about 6 pounds


Dear Minda:

Just dropping you a note to thank you so much for such a wonderful, loving and intelligent pup. I named her Madison and she is full of pep and vinegar but also very loving;you were also right, she loves to cuddle.. She is already house broken and loves to play catch and all the other things puppies love to do. I will keep you updated  as she progresses and gets older. Again, thanks for giving me my best friend
 we picked him up earlier :-) he is so adorable - thanks so much minda looking over the shot record right now.. Everything is good right and he seems to be perfectly healthy although when we picked him up there was a little bit of blood in his stool I'm assuming its from the deworming medicine? 

Yes no more blood took him out this morning right after kennel and he seems very happy :-) runnin around and playing with his new toys :-) he is adorable thx again   Greg :-)

oct 12

I would like to say thanks for such a great puppy!! He is really taking a liking to his new house and is way cuter then I thought he would have been such a sweet little guy! He is going to have a great new home with lots and lots of love! Thanks agin josh :)


Thank you again for all your help and meeting me today. We adore him already and are so happy to have him as part of our family!! :-)
Ozzie (his new name :-)...is doing wonderfully and seems to be settling into our home wonderfully!  We love him and he's sooooo smart and super great with the boys. Love him already!
  Hi Minda,
We bought Sassy now named Baby from you Oct 31, 2011. She was one and a three quarter pounds at the age if 8 weeks. She is now a bit over 6 months and only weighs 4.4 pounds. Will she have another growth spurt. She is wonderfully healthy, playful, and the love of my life. I was just wondering how much she might weigh since you have much more knowledge of the breed than my vet does.

Thanks so much for such a beautiful puppy. So smart and easily trained and so stubborn and willful, I try to out stubborn her and lately I have been winning out much more than she has. Everyone who sees her at the park wants to take her home. I have given your web address to a lot of people here in Bellingham and I hope you at least get a few sales. I will continue to tell everyone how great your dogs are.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Kriss Kazemzadeh
hello (translated from french) shipped to france
I have received the puppy, he is gorgeous in a stunning health and remarkable intelligence
I am delighted and congratulate you on the quality of your puppies
He quickly becomes accustomed to life and fully understand French it goes well with my pus and my tired which is a male
with my thanks for his christie transport
cordially annie

heartman x lilylu

Hi.....Loola, her name and she already knows it, is doing just great! She stepped right out of her crate and
is totally at home. We just absolutely love her!! She is just a perfect fit for us and we have a cat who is almost
a year old and she loves her. My husband and I are already enjoying her so much and we have had her around
other people and children and she just loves everybody.
Thanks for such a sweet baby and I will let you know her progress.

heartman x skylers blue merle female

 I so lucked out getting this puppy, she is Perfect. Happy, healthy and gorgeous. Love her, love her ..send me business cards, will be giving your name to my friends.. they are going to want one..



prettyboy x bandita blue merle female

 why did the Westminster folks pick such a dumb looking dog when there's me

What a love! I feel like I have a fur ankle bracelet -

We had seven for dinner last night to welcome her - she is quite social! There's an "it's a girl" baloon on the front gate and toys are coming in!  . Anne

Hi Minda,
This is Bowie .... She is now 5 months old and she is 10 pounds. She is a great addition to our small family. She is super smart and she definitely has funny and great personality. She loves the dog park and knows how to fetch. Thank you very much for sending her to us. We love her very very much.
Patty and Matt V from sunny San Diego
Hiya Minda!

I just wanted to let you know that Pixel (formerly GiGis BTM1) is doing great! Our kids, other dog & Pixel are all getting along swimmingly! He is a whiz when it comes to house training (only 1 accident in over a week!) and he is a really well mannered little pup. He listens beautifully. We are all totally in love with him. I was just curious what his birthday was. I know I had it written down somewhere but I can't find it now.

Thanks so much,

We just wanted to send you an update as we get close to Mason's two year birthday. He is an outstanding dog and has become a dear friend and integral part of the family. He has a great personality and loves to howl to greet us when we come home from chores or dinner. When walking him people often comment on his colors and unique look. Anyway, thanks for Mason, we love him very much.

I attached a recent picture taken around the time of the super bowl. He enjoyed the game even though the Patriots lost.

Thanks again,
Henry & Eileen Wudarczyk

boomer x dusty blue merle male


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Kody is doing wonderful...he has won everyones's heart!
We adore him, thank you!

Thanks again...he is very special!

previous email-

 I came upon your website when I was doing research on mini aussie rescue sites and of course I saw pictures of your puppies, clicked on it, and fell in love with one of your puppies photos...Dusty's BMM. He is adorable.

I really debated on this for the past week as I am the Executive Director of a full adoption animal shelter ....  I usually always "rescue" my dogs, but his little picture has really stuck with me. I currently have a mini and he is my best friend and one of the best dogs I have ever owned. He came into the shelter almost 5 years ago as his owner was dying of cancer and he felt it was time he found him a good home before he was no longer able. Scooter has been my devoted companion since.

Anyway, I finally had talked myself and my husband into calling you and meeting him. I can promise you that I love my dogs and they go to work with me everyday. They are always in the spotlight at schools for humane education, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or just being loved and petted at all our events and by the volunteers. They are a part of our family. I would also be happy to provide references to you.

Thanks again for considering me just in case. Hope you have a great weekend.

Hi mindy, here is a picture of Bitsy at 5 months... she just went and got her last lepto shot and will be spayed at the end of this month. She weighs 5  1/2 pounds. She is the love of my life. Bless you for bringing her into it! Cath
Oh my gosh!!!! She's wonderful!!! She's better and more beautiful than we could have imagined! Thank you so much :).

Once again, we love her so much already. She's wonderful and will make a great addition to our family. We couldnt have asked for a better puppy!

Her new name is DENVER
We just got "Bindi". She is absolutely beautiful! Not shy at all with my other pups and loves the bunny. Thank you so much. I've attached a picture of her first minutes at home with Oscar, Louie, Gilbert, and Bill.



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