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Hi Menda,
I purchased Larkin (L'il Boy Blue SugerDaddy son born 1/17/00) from 
you back in April. He is the cutie pictured in the top right corner of 
your homepage. I has him neutered in July when he was 6 mid old and 
want to get his papers from you so I can regester him. He has passed  his therapy dog test but we have to wait for him to turn 1 to get his  certification. He is excelling at agility and the trainer I work with  has suggested obiedience rally or flyball for him.  The trainer 
specializes in narcotics and explosive dogs. Larkin has no talent for  that but he also trains assistance dogs and has suggested Larkin be  certified as an assistance dog and used for demonstrations and public 

Let me know what I need to do to get his papers.
Thanks, Ruth

Hi Minda,
We just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful new family member. Sugar's blue merle baby girl (named Shadow by my girls) truly is sweet, beautiful, patient and loving. We could not have dreamed of a more perfect pup. She was an angel on the 3-hour car ride home. Her first night in the kennel she whined hard and loud but - amazingly - I toughed it out - and she is already adjusting well to crate-training. She is already fetching and sitting for us and we've only had her two days!
The vet was very impressed by the level of care she had received prior to coming home with us and said she is in perfect health.
We love her!
The Black Family
Hello Minda,
                     The Cinnimon Puppy we had purchased from you, now named "Kylie", . I have attched  a recent picture of her. She is such a lovable puppy who only wants to lick you to death. She is wonderful and is a conversation piece everywhere we go  Take care.
                                                                                Jerry and Lori Stapleton
Minda --
I wanted to send you a couple pictures of our awesome little blue merle, Maddie (Sugardaddy x Sadie, aka Maybeline).  In the picture in which she is laying down, she is about 4 months old.  In the picture with our golden retriever, she is 6 months.  She is currently about 15" high, which is a perfect size to keep up with the golden (the golden is only 55 pounds).  She is the most wonderful pup!  I cannot thank you enough for breeding these fabulous dogs.  Our kids are crazy about her, and she gets along so well with our 3 year old golden retriever.  Everything you state about these dogs is spot on.  She definitely has her father's "love everyone" temperment.  She even inherited Sugardaddy's black patch on her left side.  I must admit, I love that she has her tail.....it's always wagging!  We were looking for a "big dog" in a "small dog" package, and we certainly got it.  For anyone wanting a lab or golden but in smaller size, this is it.  Maddie is so playful and loves to play fetch.  I adore the way she leaps and bounds to the ball....too cute! 
Thanks again for breeding these family friendly dogs.  I am so glad I came across your website.  Maddie is set to be spade in a couple of weeks; other than that, she is a happy well-adjusted puppy.  I recommend you to anyone looking for a puppy!
Many, many thanks,
Marcey Black & Family
Hi Minda,


Just wanted to update you on Scout.  (Rocky x Sugar RMM)  He's doing SO great!  He's been the best puppy and is SO smart.  He's 11 weeks now and I taught him how to sit in 1 hour!  He's growing fast too.  I attached some photos of him for you.  He has been such a joy to have.  Thank you so much!  I think when he gets a little older I'll get him onto agility.  He will definately excel at it.  Anyway, I'll send you more photos as he gets bigger.  Thanks again!


Carrie Andersen



sugardaddy x pansy

Hello Minda,
    We purchased Lil Sugarman (aka Casey) April of this year. We thought you'd like to know that Casey is a very happy puppy. He is so well natured and fit in with our family quite nicely! Here are a few pictures if you'd like to use them on your website!
Gerard Hartigan,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


rocky x patches

shes wet from being in the water

Dear Minda-
Attached are some fun summer pictures of Ruby.  She has turned out to be the best dog ever!  Pretty much bullet proof, she is not afraid of anything.  We took her camping at the beach this week and she loved playing in the waves with the girls!  She was so cute, she would go out and stand with the girls and wait till the waves came then would run away from the waves with the girls.  She has really become an important part of our little family.
Thanks for doing such a great job with your dogs.


kenner x abby

Hello Minda--
Sorry it's been awhile since we've last communicated, but I thought that you would like to see some pics of Sydney grown. She's adjusted quite well to life in the country in PA with us Kaiser's. She's very loyal to our children and has quite a relationship with our youngest!! Needless to say, she gets alot of attention around here!! Everyone who sees her, just falls in love with her. My daughter takes special priviledge telling everyone she has "no tail". She's very good at rolling a ball around in the yard...we laugh for hours at her, she thinks she's one of the kiddies playing soccer. I'm sending you some pics of her to show you how big she's gotten. The last she was weighed, she came in at 10 pounds 8 oz. Hope all is well with you.  
  Shelby Kaiser and Family     
Hi Minda-
Just thought I'd write to let you know how well Blazer is doing. We absolutely ADORE him! When he was smaller he was kind of shy, but now EVERYONE is his friend. He loves to "give kisses" and, oh yes, just like his daddy he is always standing up on his back legs :) He is a total sweetheart and how could you resist those amazing ice-blue eyes. They are very good tools for begging (haha!). I'm attaching my professional senior pictures (with me and Blazer) He posed SO well :) 
Thanks again for everything,

 kenner x abby

sugardaddy x bonnie blue

Hello Minda,
I wanted to send you some pitcures of clover!  Shes such a great puppy... Shes practically potty trained and shes getting spayed on Thursday! Shes a big time cuddler and loves to ride in the car!  We are getting ready to move to San Diego at the end of the month.  I'm still trying to talk my mom into getting her second dog from you.  We will see :)! 
Tristin Sullivan


bandit x sweetheart

Hello, I hope this finds you all doing well. I wanted to let you know Tika is 6mo. old today & weight is 4&1/2 lb's. She is doing good, loves the outside, can run fast, a sweet personalty. take care
                                        The  Humphreys 


bandit x sweetheart

Here are photos of our three, two border collies and our Lil Peri. He
is just such a little doll.  He really does think he is a big dog and
teases the other two all the time.  Every time we have him out at
events, the biggest word we hear is AWWWWW look at that!!!

Marg and Harv Budgeon
Victoria BC

bandit x prettygirl

Hi Minda,
> I'm finally getting around to updating you on Emmett
> who is now 4 months old, around 7 pounds and I believe 9
> inches tall. He is the most amazing dog I have ever owned!
> He is incredibly smart and has the greatest personality. Not
> to mention, he is also so sweet and adorable, I take him
> EVERYWHERE with me and I always get stopped by people who
> want to meet him. He is even great around my 9 month old
> Holland Lop, Ernest who is not afraid around him, and will
> even come hopping up to Emmett to touch noses with him.
> We've been spending almost every day this summer on the
> river and he is already a great swimmer! Thank you so much
> for breeding such great dogs, I can not tell you how
> incredibly happy he has made me and I know it won't be
> long before I want another one!
> --Ariella and Emmett






Dear Minda,

Chris and I finally have a moment to download and review all of our pics of Dash (Jade BMM2 of Sugardaddy x Jade).  I give you credit for taking photos of all the pups every week!  It's so hard to catch him sitting nicely!  Here are our best shots, although he's sleeping in two of the three.  Other than being difficult to photograph, Dash is a joy to have.  In this short first week he's already learned sit and down and is doing well with housebreaking.  He's also great at walking on leash (except for crossing busy streets, which is understandable).  EVERYONE stops us to say what an adorable puppy we have!!  Yesterday the manager of our neighborhood hardware store said, "He prances along with great confidence for such a 'lil guy."  Just like all your other new owners say, your pups are definitely helping to spread the word about mini/toy Aussies and your program.  We can't wait for him to get his second set of shots so he can start meeting other puppies too.  Take care until the next update...

Jenn and Chris


Dear Minda,

Jade BMM2 a.k.a. Dash arrived safe and sound and is doing great.  He was a total angel during the car ride home and is exploring the living room right now.  His pictures really did not do him justice!  His coloring is so rich and unique!  We are going to the vet tomorrow morning and will send you pictures soon.  Thank you again for helping us bring him into our family.  We could not be happier than at this moment!

Jennifer and Chris


Hi Minda,
Molly arrived right on time and everything went smooth, even the airport freight guys were impressed with her since they have never heard of a mini aussie. She is so sweet and beautiful and her pictures did not do her justice. She has really taken to my wife and she really loves to cuddle next to her neck. She has had her first trip to the beauty salon and several little naps. She is adjusting just fine and loves to chase the girls around the house.
Thank you again for our little bundle of joy!!!

Craig & Jamie


Everything went well—he’s just as precious as we had hoped.  Already met our lab and aussie and cat and seems very calm, but not overly shy.  Had a “confident” ride home in the car, standing on my lap and the arm rest to see what was going on.  Loved running or should I say trying to run through our grass—looked a little like a drunken sailor when he’d hit a little crator from our dogs old pee spots—funny.  Will let you know how he continues to do.


Thanks again!


bandit x bonnie blue

Date: Saturday, May 16, 2009, 1:28 PM
> Hi Minda!  I
> am finally getting around to sending you the document proof
> that Leila (Bonnie Blue X Bandit #2 girl)  was
> spayed.  She is doing wonderfully!  I am at home > full time now so she absolutely is my little buddy all > throughout the day.  She loves to hike, go to the dog > park, and play fetch with her tennis ball.  The picture
> I enclosed is of her after a long day of playing.  > Whenever we go anywhere with Leila, everyone takes > notice. Someone the other night asked where we got her
> and we gladly gave them your name and website, they seemed > like they really wanted one of your puppies!!  Our
> favorite quote is, "Everybody loves Leila" and
> it's true!  I am a private tutor, and sometimes she > even goes with me to tutor the students, they love her > and it really makes my business
>  stand out.  Just thought I would give you an update > on everything! 
> Thanks for all you do! 
> Becky Jenkins and Christian De Jesus



Bo had his neuter surgery on May 4th.  .. 

I absolutely adore him. He has a wonderful disposition. Sometimes Aussies have a tendency to be a one owner dog. Not Bo he pretty much loves everyone. He will favor me but isn’t shy around others. Once in awhile he will come across someone that he will bark at. Usually male. Shortly after we got him I trained him to go out in our driveway to retrieve the paper. So every morning it is our routine to go out and get the paper. He is so cute. We play catch. Doesn’t drop the ball but will bring it to me.  I am anxious to get him in agility training. Sometime this fall. He gets to go riding in the truck and even stops at the ice cream place. Of course he gets his own dish.  We have two older chocolate labs and he has become friends with the female. They play and play. It has been good for the older dog as it gets her to move around.


I would like to know if you could send a copy of his pedigree. I have attached some pictures to share.


Brenda Rubey



Bandit x Patches

Hi Minda,

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that he arrived!! He is even more beautiful than he seemed in his photos and his personality is exactly what we're looking for. He's already wagging his little nub tail and playing in the house.

Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a great little guy. We'll send photos soon.

Hi Minda,
I just thought I would give you an update on our little Kolby (RockyxPatches, . He is the most wonderful dog in the entire world. He is smart and beautiful and fits right into my little family. He gets compliments everywhere we go and loves every second of attention he gets. All the girls at my work call him macaroni because when he walks, if he's excited, he wiggles in a little "u" shape. Working in a vet clinic, I see different breeds everyday, but your pup has sold me: I will be a toy aussie lover forever. The picture attached was taken about 2 months ago. He is about 11" and weighs about 9 pounds now. He's been this weight for a few months, so I think he may be done growing?
Thank you again,
Racheal and Brandon
Seattle, WA

Pirate x arielle

Hi Linda,
Thought you'd get a kick out of this photo of "Pepper"....we love her with all our hearts. She's already the alpha female, and we hoping that our wandering deaf Jack Russell will start to follow her lead.

 Sugardaddy x Pansy












Hi Minda,
I was showing a friend your website and What a surprise to see Lil Boy Blue, now know as Larkin on you home page!

Neighbors describe him as a "show stopper", and he is beautiful!  What to say about young Larkin? There is so much I don't know where to
start!  He has been with me 3 weeks tomorrow and here are his accomplishments.
    He is in accelerated home-school puppy classes with "A"s in the following subjects; coming to his name and the command "Come", walking
on a lead in a 90% perfected heel, remembering to sit and wait when I stop, fetching balls and a stick, giving on command, riding in the car,
house breaking (no accidents in the past 3 days) and response to command "crate" (except at night he would prefer not to follow that one) He has "B"s in "sit" on command, do not lick mom in the face, do not chase the cat and "stay".  Unfortunately he is making an "F" in not chewing on peoples body parts or clothing.
    Though he is a beauty and a smart eager learner the very BEST thing about Larkin is his sweet nature and the wonderful companion he is!    He does have energy, and lots of it, but he is learning where it is OK to be wild wide open puppy, and where to sit quietly and snuggle.  The
cats are confused because now there is a lap dog in the house and last night I had Larkin (barely containing his excitement) and 2 cats in my
lap.  Neighbors joke that he should be named Elmer's, because he sticks to me like glue. I never though I would be concerned because a dog did
not bark, but Larkin continues to hardly make a sound.  I was so pleased last night to hear a growl and then a little bark as he was playing with
a toy.  He is quiet but he is a joy!
    Sadly my Sheltie, who Larkin was to be companion to, died of acute kidney failure 10 days after he arrived.  e was in decline but
were surprised by her blood work the Monday after Larkin arrived.  Larkin misses her badly but he has won the hearts of my coworkers since he came to work with me twice this past week.  I promised him that if he has mastered house breaking completely by the end of May, we might get a little girl as a companion for him.  He will get his final shots next week and will start obedience classes to give him exposure to more dogs. 
We are looking forward to many good times together.  Here are 2 of my favorite pictures of him.

Our beautiful Bukkit girl, thanks to you!

We love our Bukkit and I think she's loving life with us :)
Thank you again,
Andrea Von Moos


little black tri - 5mths rascal x pumpkin

I was planning to neuter our boy, but he develops to a gorgeous little toy boy. So I wonder whether it was possible to pay you the difference - and get the breeding rights ? Switzerland.
Meanwhile, thanks and best regards, Maja

Just for information. Mira my standard Aussie is about 20 1/2 inches. Lil Bear not yet 9 ". He obeys like a big dog already. Sometimes he is very thickheaeded, and strongminded. But he helps me get the hens in the henhouse. Less work for me and a lot of fun for him.


miteymouse x luseal - 3.5lbs 4mths -bet

Shipped to netherlands - 3/09

Hi Minda.

Everything went right at the airport.
they're great!!! They played together in our house.  little Luseal is sleeping in mine daughter her arms.
Thanks so much!

Regards Brenda.
-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----

Here's Bukkit :)
She's adjusting just fine, even after the kids decided to put a shirt
on her.  She didn't mind it at all :)


bandit x triscuit

Hi Minda,
Put this on your web site if you think it is cute.  This is Winston waiting for Sarah to come down the slide!  He stays by the swing set if she is on it.~ Susan

note - 4th puppy purchased from us..

2blue eye tri - kenner x abby

Hi Minda,
He is beautiful!!  Here are some pictures of my kids.   Have a great week.  Take care~  Susan


Date: Monday, March 16, 2009, 11:00 AM
> Hi Minda,

> Just wanted to send you some pix of 10 week old Lil
> Yoda/Dakoda.  We love him.  He looks like a cross between a
> rabbit and cat when he is playing.  He is very sweet and
> fits in perfectly with our family.   All has checked out
> good with the Vet.        Sincerely,  Heidi


 tri - rocky x classy

Hi Minda,
I just wanted to send you some pics of the two puppies playing. They've been having so much fun. It is Rascal, now named Kane, and Buddy, now named Cody.
But things are going well and he knows how to sit, lay down, and shake!!

Thanks so much,


227:  here's her "I'm ready to play face" as she's trying to worm her way into my lap--but then she settles for as close as possible with her head on my leg:)

Sugardaddy x shadow

Hi Minda!  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you an update on our puppy Sadie!  We've had her for almost 2 months now and can't believe she's already 15 weeks old!  She's still the perfect puppy!  She's actually the best dog I've ever had---she's soooooo sweet and soooooo smart.  She's a nice, calm version of an Aussie puppy--she will jump & play, herd and run with the kids but she's not a big barker--and she seems to follow the rythm of the family--when we calm down she calms down--its AWESOME!!  She loves to play fetch and we've just started hide & seek!  When we put her to bed for the night in her crate--she never complains, whines or barks---she just settles down and goes to sleep for the night---it's amazing!  She's even made a visit to my daughter's second grade class--she was such a big hit she's been asked back!:)  I have several friends with new puppies of various kinds and one friend asked me recently if Sadie has "ever shown aggression" to the kids or anything---and I had to say "no--never"----she's never snapped at anyone--even the vet! She's just a really well-balanced and happy little dog---and we have you to thank for that!  Your breeding program is amazing and your methods are working!  Thank you so much for all you've done--we love Sadie so very much!:)  I've attached a couple pics I just took tonight for you to see how she's doing and how she's grown---it was almost like she actually knew I wanted her to sit still and pose----she's so intuitive and so smart!!!!

Thank you again & God bless,

Kelly & Sadie Janssen ;)

 shipped to switzerland 1/2009

I just sat down to give you some news. He is a great and wonderful little dog. Already plays with our 6 weeks old standard puppies that are twice as big as he is. He can walk under their belly without touching them.... He has accompanied us to the horse stable and they don't impress him at all. Now, he must think I'm a sort of saviour, because he's following me everywhere I go. Cute little thing. We will call him Pooky, like Garfield's beloved Teddy Bear, our boys are a great fan of this fat cat. Now, we have to leave, but I will send you some pictures asap. I'm happy to have him and am looking forward to seeing him grow up. Best regards, Maja


sent to netherlands 12/08

Yes, we,ve got him!
He's adorable and we love him already.
He's a little shy, but we're just at home.
Thanks a lot!!!!
I will send you pictures.

Here some pictures of Moose and mine aussies Lola and Fly.
Moose is looking around, but stay were he is.
He's very  sleepy after such long trip.

Greetings Brenda.


Sugardaddy x coco (photo at 12wks) 3lbs

Hi Minda,
I hope that I didn't send these pictures to you already. The new puppy is doing great! All the other dogs have accepted her. Katie & Skylar play with her constantly. Skylar loves having someone smaller so that she can finally win. (But she is no easy push over! )

We call her "Blu". She sleeps all night & hardly whines about anything. We love her. She is so cute! I see what you mean about how bubbly she is & the little bunny hops are so adorable.

I can't believe how tiny, stocky & strong she is! She already tries to crawl out of her crated area (puppy playpen) in the morning when she thinks the playtime should begin.
Do you ever get any large Aussies like 18 inch, 45lbs? My neighbors across the street asked & I will need a new large dog someday.

I hope that things are finally back to normal for you. Thanks for the great new addition to our little pack! Take care, Claudette

super tiny male - rascal x pumpkin



Hi Minda.

He is very happy and playful.  He jumps and skips about, almost like a kitten!  But then he goes and settles right down and falls asleep.  What a joy he is!
 I just want to say thank you for all you have done.  You have made my dreams come true!  These pups that you breed have all the traits that one looks for in a dog.  They are smart, companions, loyal, sweet, easy to train, non-smelly......the list goes on!  Keep doing what you are doing.  You are amazing.  I, like you, was always a "cat person".  Never particularly cared for dogs.  Until now......I am addicted!  I have never been so happy before.  You have caused so much joy for me and my family, I can't even tell you. 
I will send you some pics soon of the little guy with Trixie and Ranger.
Thanks again,


sugardaddy x coco


We just got home!!!!!!  He arrived @ 5:15p.m. and he rode home like he has done it before. He went rite to Brenda and they snuggled all the way home. Did you have food in front of him all the time or on a schedule? Also do we need to soften the food or leave it hard? It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks again, Jon & Brenda



sugardaddy x shadow



Everything went extremely well with picking Lil Miss Diva up from Continental. She is so beautiful. Everyone loves her. Cinnaman is very happy to have her as his companion. She already walked on a leash and did her business outside. Absolutely amazing. Just finished bathing her and she was perfect throughout everything. She is the sweetest puppy and we absolutely adore her.

Thank you so much for another wonderful little dog.  You are the best at raising the finest little pets. I will definitely be sending you some pictures soon.
Thanks Again,


bandit x triscuit

Good evening Minda,
Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how Cocoa is.  She is doing great and is a wonderful addition to our family. Her and Nutmeg (our standard Aussie) get along great.  They love to play tug-of-war with eachother and race eachother to catch the ball.  She is defiantly a daddy's girl.  I am sending you some pics of her in the car with him on a trip we took at Christmas.  She is sooo spoiled.  She is already completely potty trained. We are still working on sit and stay and roll over but those are coming along well.  Have a great New Year and we will email soon with more updates.  Hope you enjoy the pics!!


sugardaddy x shadow


Hi Minda!  We just wanted to let you know that we got our new puppy home safely in spite of the snow!   We named her Sadie and she is so amazingly sweet!  She's doing very well so far--she was calm and quiet for the first couple of days (definitely her temperament) but started coming out of her shell a few days ago and is "all puppy"!  :)  She LOVES to play with her chew toys and roll over (and over and over) and she just follows us around the house--she's even started to come to us when we call out to her!  Wow!  She is GREAT with our kids and loves them as much as she loves the "calmer, quieter" grown-ups!She is so sweet and loving too--she absolutely loves to be around us and will cuddle in our arms forever!  She also likes to be right next to us on the couch if she's tiring out---she even fell asleep on her back last night cuddled up against me on the couch while I was watching TV---just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!  We just wanted you to know we absolutely love everything about her--she's the greatest puppy!  She's even quiet so far at night in her crate and only whimpers a little when she gets lonely or has to go potty!  Anyway--I could go on and on.....but we just wanted to give you an update and say thank you for our amazing little puppy!!!  I'm including a couple pics of her in her new home!:)

Thank you so much and God bless in the new year!:)

Kelly Janssen:)

P.S.:  We were so excited about her two different color eyes!!!!  They are so beautiful and just add to her personality!:)


sugardaddy x sadie



Hi Minda. Sounds like a mess down there. We've had a lot of snow too! Crazy winter weather!

So you already emaild the stuff you scanned, just waiting on the hard copies in the mail. No rush.
She has settled in beautifuly! She is a joy to have around. We decided to call her Lexi. Everyone loves her! She becomes the center of attention wherever we go. She loves to cuddle but also loves to play.
Thanks again!

SirPrize x LUseal



Kiah is a year old now and is the most wonderful dog.  She is smart and loving and has a perfect temperament.  She is great with both adults and children and other dogs and even cats!

Last month she and I passed our final evaluations for Therapy Dog Inc. and are enjoying visiting our local nursing home. What a special gift she is to so many people.

 Thank you,






Hi just wanted to let you know that Darbee is doing so well!  She is so cute, everyone loves her!  She goes everywhere with me.  People are amazed that she will just ride around with me inside my purse with her little head poking out!  Her & Harley girl are the best pals now.  She is already playing ball and loves playing in her princess bed.  (see attached pic)  She of course sleeps with us and sleeps all night! 
What a small world to, you know how I told you that my family all has toy Aussies well on thanksgiving we went to my cousins house and got to talking about our dogs and come to find out she got her male from you.  He also a blue Merle (Tucker) and he was the main reason I really wanted to get a blue Merle because he is such a good dog and so pretty!  So i am thurly convinced I have a very wonderful little dog!  Thanks  Ronni
Oh my gosh I cant believe how sweet she is!  She follows me every where!  She slept right next to me last night all snuggled up and hasnt pottied in the house at all.  I just take her outside about every 3 hours and she goes!  Thanks so much!  We ended up naming her Darbee my son come up with it, hes 8 and thinks she is the best!  Harley girl isnt sure what to think about her yet and seems to be pouting about having to share mom with a new baby!  Got her an adorable pink collar and 2 hoodie sweatshirts today and she looks adorable!  Thanks again!  Ronni



"lil teddy- pirate x dolly - est 10" blue eye tri male (bottom of right eye is blue)

Sparkles - Rocky x Patches - 1+yr 13" red(champagne)merle TOY male w/tail- 2 blue blue eyes- fantastic disposition & agility

Everything is just GREAT! They are doing very well. Sparkle was a little bit stressed at the airport but when we got
home he was just fantastic. Lil Teddy is doing very well to. He doesn't want to sleep alone so Erich, my boyfriend,
decided to take him into the bed!!! So he will be really spoiled!
Thanks a lot and read you soon








(MiteYmouse x Luseal  btf 2 dob  5/28/2008)

photo at 10/2008, full grown


Hi Minda,


Sky is really developing nicely. She is 3 lb 9 oz & has been that weight for 6 weeks. She still gets 3 meals a day & runs it all off  playing with Jimi, Katie & Bonnie. I take her to the Santa Cruz Flea Market on Sundays & I can barely take a step without someone wanting to know all about her including where she came from. Most people never heard of Toy Aussies. Please send me one of your cards. I will copy it & hand it out so that we can done a little shopping. Ha! Ha! Sky loves the flea market. Maybe it’s because she shares a low fat scone with me! All is going very well! Thanks for this sweet little girl!


Claudette Linnert (I finally have a dog that loves me more than Ernie! She is my constant pal! )


Hi Minda,

I hope you're having a nice fall so far.

Attached is a recent picture of Marley (Pepsi x L'il Guy born end of March),
post spaying. She had no problems with the surgery (does anything make these
dogs unhappy?) and didn't even need the cone because she barely noticed her

I also sent a picture of the first day she was with us, so you can compare
for size. We think she's still so little, but when we look at the first
pictures, we realize how much she's grown.

She's still the most joyous thing ever and your predictions were right;
she's about as thick as she is tall. She's probably around 11 inches tall
(too tough to get an accurate measure) and 9 lbs (much easier to get a
weight). She's got that same hefty build as the regular size Aussies, but
her biggest herding challenge is with the ants on the back patio -

Thanks again for breeding such happy and healthy dogs.

Hi Minda-
I thought I would write you and let you know how happy we are with Blazer.  He is literally the best dog, ever!  He already uses the doggy door on his own and can "sit" on command!  Who would have thought a puppy could learn that at only 9 weeks?!  Today is his 10 week birthday and he's still doing great.  He absolutely LOVES to be outside.  In fact, even when "his people" are home, many times he lets himself out the door and I watch him play around in the yard.  His temperment is one in a million.  He does extremely well with other people (and our family is quite large, so that's good).  Anyway...just wanted to say thanks again for my perfect companion!
-Jessica Musgrave

Kenner x betty boop


sugar daddy x jade

Hi minda,
I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoy Harley. However, we have decided to rename him, after spending time with him, my first choice for a name just didn't seem to fit. So he is now called Picasso!!   I think this name fits much better, since he has such a colorful and extravagant pattern.  He is also a very smart boy, he has caught on to house training and sleeps in his crate at night without a peep.  He is even playing chase and grab with my female, when she is playing fetch (not an easy task).   We are very happy to have him as the new addition to our family, we could not have asked for a better puppy.  Thank you for such a wonderful little fellow. 
Shontai Pohl,
Alaska Fairbanks


sugar daddy x jade

"gin" - mr perrrywinkle x coco

and they "say" our dogs look like pomeranians!

Hi Minda,
 A few more pics. One of Gin, and a few that my friend took today at agility class. Amazingly, Sunny managed to run the same course that my pre-trial students were doing. OK, maybe we weren't as smooth, but we were twice as impressive as she is only 14 weeks. haha. Smart girl!

A friend took this pic of Gin, Sunny and my other male Velcro. On our way down to the lake yesterday. Sunny weighs just over 5 lb now, she is such a cool little girl, absolutely bomb-proof. Her temperament suits me just perfectly.......if you have something for her to do, she's ready. If not, she just lays down a few feet away and waits till you DO have something for her to do....



bandit x triscuit

Good afternoon,
We got her this morning. They were about 45 mins late but she is safe and sound and is already eating and going potty on the paper by the door. Thank yo again for everything and our standard size ausie loves her and she looks just like her down to the white streak going up her nose, so so cute.  I will send you an update soon and some pics for you website.
thank you again


Sirprize x Luseal

Hi Minda,
Just wanted to give you an little update on Bentley...he is doing great and we love him to death.  He comes with us everywhere he can including the races. We bought him a set of protective earmuffs to wear at the races to protect his ears from all the loud noises.  I took a really cute photo of him sitting on my husbands race car and sent it in to a racing magazine ...and they published it!  I have attached a copy for you - fyi, he doesn't usually wear clothes but it was really cold that day :) 
Philippa Hunt
Hi Minda,
Just wanted to let you know that Bentley is doing great.  I can't believe what a quick learner he is. He is nearly potty trained and rings a bell that I attached to the door when he wants to go outside! I have attached a recent photo of him.  At what age will he be full grown?  He weighs 3.75 lbs now and is about 9" tall.


bandit x sugar
Thank you for such a sweet wonderful little dog. Cinnaman is settling in quite nicely. Nothing seems to bother him. He's been by my side or in my arms most of the time and that's okay with me. We're all very happy with him.
Everything went well with picking him up. The people at Continental were very accomodating and punctual. Thank you again for everything.
Robin Bittenbender & Family                                                                


Hi Minda,
I don't know how you manage to do all that you do. These puppies are truly amazing! I am totally worn out trying to show her things.

She learns so fast & just craves more. She completely & comfortably hangs out with the Springer & the Border Collie mix so we do morning walks together.

Then she plays with Katie in the big concrete area for a while. I then bring Katie & the 2 big dogs in to hang out with Ernie in the living room & take Sky & Bonnie out to hang out in the morning sun on the deck.

Bonnie (Cream doxie) is very, very mellow. Skylar
I thought that I would need to take Skylar to puppy kindergarten to stop her from biting Bonnie since Bonnie would not do it for herself but I think things may be OK now. I will still take her to training but I know the kindergarten class may be too basic for her.
Anyway it is fun!   Later down the line I will want another puppy if I haven't been too much of a pest to you! Take care! Claudette

P.S. I have lost 2 lbs trying to keep up with this puppy!



rocky x classy - smallest in litter

Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2008 10:29 AM
Subject: Addie,

Minda, we took her to Lake Roosevelt with our other dogs she had a ball. She weights 5 pds. 4oz. approx. 8.5 to 9" tall. I've lost her a few times in the house. If you can't find her just go look in her toy box. She sleeps with her toys. She took a walk about down to my mothers which lives approx. 2 acres away. We live above them and they are below us. She went with the lab. I hollered for them and she kept up running with the lab across the field. She has the wandering bug. Like I said she thinks she is a big dog. She loves to be outside. Are they Ok to be outside when it's cold? I have a hard time getting her back in the house she wants to sleep with our lab in her kennel. As you can see from some of the pictures. She is quite the dog. The kids dug a hole and thats where she thought she should lay for the day. I swear you breed animals that are part human. Great job. Like I said when there will be more little ones like her let me know I know of a few more people that would like one. I just may take another myself. Teri



Lil guy x Pepsi

Hi Minda,

I'm not sure which email address is working for you, so I'm sending to both.
Hope the attachments don't clog things up for you.

I thought you'd be interested in an update on Marley (Pepsi x L'il Guy born end of March). She's doing just fine and we love her like crazy. She has the most joyous personality and everyone who meets her wants to take her home. She hasn't met a person or another dog that she doesn't like. Thank you for
socializing her so well in her early weeks.

She's also fearless, as you can see from the canoe shot and the picture of her playing with an 8-year old lab. She thinks she's a big dog. The shot with the shoe shows you how big she really is - it's a women's size 7.

At what age do they typically stop growing? We're wondering how much more she'll grow. Her legs are long and she's just starting to grow her adult winter coat, so she won't look like such a hobo in a few months. I'll send some  updated pictures once she gets her new coat.

We'll be getting her spayed end of September once she's 6 months old and I'll send confirmation to you once that happens.

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. Hope all's well with you.


bandit x sugar

Dear Minda; 

, JUST A SHORT NOTE TO LET YOU KNOW, how wonderful Ava is doing.  She is just the best puppy, we adore her.

  I fly home on Sunday with her. I will send you updates.

                                                                                  All the best,                                                                                  Carol Rees




rocky x patches


Hello Minda!
> I just wanted to email you a few pictures of Charlie.  You
> sent him  to me in Boston back in September, so I have almost had him 1 year and 
> I am so happy with him,  He is the sweetest dog, every one
> loves him.  
> He gets along great with every dog that he meets, he loves
> all people and is great with children. He was from rocky and patches litter,  He was so easy to train and i have taught him all
> sorts of   tricks.  He is enjoying the summer time.  He loves the
> pool, all my  friends can't get over how he jumps onto the floats and
> lays down in  the pool on the steps.  I just wanted to thank you again  for breeding 
> great great dogs.  I have absolutely fallen in love with him.  Thank  You Thank You!
> Pam and Charlie!


Rocky x classy girl

Dear Minda,  We named our puppy Rocky Junior after his dad, since he is the brown-eyed image of his dad. He was the biggest boy in the litter, and at 3 months weighs in at 12 pounds.

Our Vet said that he is “Hale and Hearty” with an “Impressive temperament.”

Rocky walks on his leash like a big boy. He sits, dances, and fetches on command. He loves to leap and jump, so we are doing agility training to keep things fun. Oh, and did I mention how good he is at going potty outside? Rocky is the softest, smartest, fastest and cutest dog on the planet. He is a total joy to share life with.

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

 Mary Jo & Frank Cardinale


sugar daddy x jade

Hi Minda,
 A few pics of the pup. My son named her Sunny . She sure doesn't let much bug her. In fact, nothing bugs her! Pet stores, people, dogs, traffic, whatever. She just takes it all in stride.  Like Gin, she is a "demo dog" for my classes now. (Gin has moved on to demo-ing for the more advanced agility classes) Got some spunk to her though, which is very amusing for me, not so amusing for my other dogs! A couple of the pics are her and Gin together, I couldn't get any good ones but I'll keep trying.
pirate x arielle bmm toy Minda
The little guy has arrived! So totally adorable!He came right out of his crate (without shaking )and licked my face! Seemed so happy to see me! :) :)
He has already had a little bath ( he must have obviously peed in the crate). Has already drank some water and had some food. Then of course he decided to throw it all up.
Kids love him! Very well socialized, nothing seems to bother him. He has been following me around everywhere! Just a total doll face!
He is currently taking a well deserved nap in his new crate and new bed.I think I need a nap too!
Thanks again!

pirate x arielle black tri male TOY

Hi Minda,  Puppy is home now safe and sound - he is gorgeous!!!!! His pictures didnt do him justice!  I figured it was better to e-mail you - with the time difference, it's too early to call.  I can try to call later though - I'll also get some pictures to send.  Daisy LOVES her new brother, keeps trying to herd him. It is so funny also that Daisy and Kaitlyn have the same personality, and this new little man has my 5 yr. olds personality ( it was meant to be!) Scott can't get over how tiny he is....tossing around names - Allison says he is squiggly like macaroni's, so that's what she's been calling him, and Kaitlyn shortens it to Mac, and/or Roni - We'll see if it sticks!  At the airport he came out of the crate with a leap, tail a waggin' - you would think he's known us forever!!!!  Sooooo cute!!!!!  I wasnt sure how I would like the tail, but now seeing it in person - it adds to his HUGE personality - we are diggin' it!!!   THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU for being the AWESOME person/breeder that you are!!!  Love,  Amy, Scott, Kaitlyn, Allison  (Daisy and "Macaroni" too)
classy red tri female toy
She has fit right in do they ever bark or whine? She is so sweet. Thank you so much. Teri

Minda, We named her Attie short  attitude. She is wonderful. She love's the labs thinks she is one of them

rocky x classy black tri female toy
We named our girl "Daisy". She is such a great dog! Calm and just happy to hang out. She follows me everywhere....it's so cute. .... Everyone who meets her loves her!
Will send a pic soon.

Bella (mrperrywinkle x betty boop) TOY aussie next to STANDARD AUSSIE.. 

Bella is full grown in photo

My wife says the last pic did not do Bella justice.  In this pic please notice they are holding “hands”.

 Bella is 12.5 inches tall and 12 pounds after dinner tonight.  YOU, Madam, are a breeding genius.  She is healthier, smarter, and more loving and loveable than we imagined.  Dare I say, “The PERFECT Dog”.  Yup!

  Thanks again a million times!! 

Hi Minda!

Hope all is well in Boring!

 Bella is an AMAZING creature!!

Quick to learn, quicker to please, and just plain QUICK!!

A pic of her is attached-she is seemingly enjoying her ride with the top down.  I assure you she is enjoying her life immensely!!!!!!!!!

She goes to work with us every day and is the most successful form of therapy in our office.  She is loved by hundreds!!!!!!  Still can’t decide whose separation anxiety is worse; Bella’s or my wife’s.

Our best,

Foster and Terri




Our puppy Marley  arrived safely yesterday from Oregon (thank you Minda). She settled in right away and seems to love her new home.

Of course I've taken about 50 pictures; this email has just a few. She is the sweetest puppy - follows us everywhere and loves running and jumping around the yard. If you saw her, you'd never know she traveled on a plane from Oregon just yesterday. And she even knows what "No" means (again,
thank you Minda).

so far this puppy is everything promised: mellow, well-socialized, and happy.  We had a vet visit today and the vet said she's healthy, happy, and very trusting - sure signs of a good breeder who does more than just produce pups to sell.

She's still happy as can be and so are we.

Thanks again for everything and for such a well-adjusted puppy.

Diane and Michael

Rocky x Patches

(note patches had puppies August 08)

Dear Minda-


I purchased “Patches Rose”  now known as Ruby, last summer.  She is a fantastic little dog and we love her more than anything.  I had her fixed last Friday and will forward copies of her paperwork along with a current photo.  She has really turned into a beautiful little dog.  It never fails, anytime I have her out in public just about everyone we come in contact comments on her.  That is not what I am emailing you about though.

 I check your website often (I will most likely end up with another of your puppies at some point in time) and it looks like you are getting some flack from other “Breeders” .. I am here to tell them that you breed the most wonderful dogs and I would not even consider having any other breed.  I would just hope that they are as talented (but I doubt it) as you are.  Don’t pay any attention to them.  You are doing a wonderful job and your puppies are absolutely fantastic!!!

 Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family.




We all love her so much.  Thank you for all your help.  In about a year I will be looking for a small black tri male that is not related to KayDee.  I will keep in touch.  Thanks again,  Shayna
Hi Minda!
The puppies are home now.  I had tears in my eyes when I first saw them.  I can't believe that they are cuter than their photos.  The girl was a little trembly on the car ride home.  But, the boy just laid back and wanted a belly rub!!!!  He would whine if we stopped petting him!  We just bathed them and he was so CALM!  He just sat there like he was a pro, not afraid at all!  Did I say that we LOVE them?!?  :)
I'll keep you posted on their development.  Thanks again, you are amazing!


Sugar daddy x Sadie

Hi Minda,

Our little girl is doing great so far.  We have named her Sinatra.  She is doing well with our other pets although it took them a few days to figure out what to do with her.  I can't believe how fast she figures out how to do things.  She doesn't just try to climb stairs, she tries to run them.  She has even jumped on top of her kennel and onto the bed within her first week here.  Not bad for a 3 pound ball of fur.  When we enforce her kennel training she is totally potty trained to go outside.  We love her.  Everybody loves her.  Thank you! 

Pam and Rich

photo taken by family on the way home from the airport - their caption "puppies new lil girl"..

sugar daddy x Sadie


Hi Minda,  I hope all is well, I just wanted to thankyou again for such an AWESOME puppy!!!! Daisy has just blended in here so well! She is about 85% potty trained, and she has captured sooo many hearts at the girls school!!! I have never seen an animal with SO much affection- she lives to love.....You can't help but smile when you look at her! I'm off from work tomorrow, so I'll try and get an updated pic. to you. I saw on your website you sold all the puppies, doesnt surprise me one bit, you definitely have a gift for breeding! Let me know if any of them are from ny, I have given your web site out to so many people, it would be fun to hear if it was from meeting Daisy! I can't wait to see how beautiful your upcoming litters are going to be! Talk to you soon, love your new extended family, Amy



sugar daddy x sadie blue merle male


Hi Minda,

   the puppy is home safe and sound. HE did much better than Oliver on his plane ride. Oliver was in shock for at least 6 hours afterwards. this little guy was fine as soon as I took him out of his crate. He loves the kids and Oliver and he have already been playing together. Do yu have kids? I am naming him Max. His head is as big as Oliver's and his feet are bigger. I think he is just beautiful and you're right he is very sweet. He is laying in my arms as I type this. Been a long day will send more news later.

thank you so much for another wonderful puppy


sugar daddy x sadie bmf 1



Thank you for the wonderful pup.  We picked her up without fail and she is adjusting well.  We promptly took her to the vet where she was cleared as being good to guy.  Thank you for raising such great dogs and I will send you updates on how everything goes.


Jerel and Steph


Rocky blue x Patches


My puppy is almost house trained (at 11 weeks) and she is the most outgoing CLIMBER I have ever seen. Over the baby gate and on my bed. I just love her. She is playing great with my standard aussie.I will send pics. Thank You so much. I have friends that want a puppy too! Melissa


 Bandit x Pumpkin

we don't know where this curly coat came from, we do not & have not had any other breed of dog in our program, but every breed of dog has "gone into" the aussie so "who knows".. In the past Standard aussie breeders used collies & burnese mt dogs, mini aussies breeders



Hi Melinda,

   Don't know if you remember all of your puppies, you have sooooo many. These are pictures of the little male that you had named Curly, we renamed him "Oliver" He is the most wonderful little dog I have ever known. We just love him dearly and he fits in very well with my mini. I have 6 grandkids and Oliver gets along with everyone of them and is so loving and patient with my one year old grandson. You were right he has the most wonderful coat and his hair is still curly although the hair on top of his hear has settled down and he doesn't look like a little poodle any more. I can't believe how much hair he has and how long it is, it is 3+" long and very full.  He still loves to play fetch, and his favorite is to herd my mini australian shepherd. Oliver has this little trick.....if Karli (my mini) has his favorite toy....well Oliver will just back up to Karli and sit on her head until she gets tired of him being there. Then she will get up and he gets his toy. When I first seen him do this I thought he really didn't do that on purpose, but you know what, it is on purpose and he does it to her everytime she has something he wants. I had the full size  australian shepherds for years and they are fantastic, then I got the mini. I love her dearly but she can be very exasperating, lots and lots of energy. It took 3 years before I could take her outside with out being on a leash because she was just so busy she wouldn't listen to me. I had read where these little aussie's are more mild mannered like the big ones and boy were they right. I have never had to have Oliver on a leash, like my full size ones he has listened to me from the get go.
Keep breeding your dogs they are absolutely perfect. I keep watching to see all the new puppies, maybe someday I will need another one. Haven't seen another though that has the coat Oliver has.
I did get Oliver neutered, didn't get back to you for the papers because I won't use them anyhow. My Vet's office are very taken with Oliver they haven't seen a toy before nor did they know there was any. They think he is a great dog.
Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania


kenner x Abby


Hi Minda-

Just wanted to let you know Sydney is so well loved. Someone is always holding her-or playing. She loves her little rope we got her. She's already playing fetch with it. She also has been doing so well going to the bathroom outside!! I'm so impressed!! My son likes her so much, he thought he could drink out of her water dish like her, lol. She is settling in here in PA so well!!! Just thought you'd like to know this-I know today is only the second day we've had her, but I couldn't imagine a better dog, she's so SWEET!!!

I know I've told you, but thank-you again for such a great dog-we truly are happy with her!!!!! Shelby and family

sugar daddy x Pansy bmm

Hi, Minda -

Seamus arrived and we're now home. He could not be sweeter or cuter!  I am absolutely in love with him!

Thank you so much!  We may come back for another one!

Kindest regards,

Sandy Phillips

sir prize x lu seal (little puppy)











I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you about Kiah, but I thought you might enjoy a break from me for a while. LOL

She's doing great and we are enjoying her spunk. . She's eating well although not a lot and when she went for her puppy shots to my vet on Monday, she only weighed 2.7 pounds. So I guess she will be tiny, which is good, since that's exactly what I wanted :) They said she will probably reach her adult size at around 5 to 6 months. Is that what you've found to be true with your little ones that you've kept?

Kiah is, of course, housebroken by now (Aussies are so easy!) and she is a star pupil at her Puppy Kindergarten class. She already knows Sit, Down, Come and Go to you blanket. She can't really socialize much with the other puppies though because they are so much bigger in size that they will bowl her over!

I'm enclosing some pictures so you can see how cute she is (just in case you've forgotten)!

Good luck with your new litters, I know some day I will want another tiny fur baby from you so I hope you continue to have them and don't mind my keeping in touch to that end.
Thank you again for all your communications and consideration,


Mr Perrywinkle x Coco


Tigger.  He is a GREAT little pup and has no behavior issues.  He is VERY smart, and potty trains easy.  Tigger loves the kids, especially my son, he's like glue.  Always happy, wags his tail all the time.  Our Vet liked him so much, felt he was not only healthy, but a perfect pup for the kids.  Thought you might like to know this.  We are very happy with him!  Thank you!

Rebecca Nell




 Mr Perrywinkle x Coco


Hi Minda,

 Here are a few more pics of Gin. What a clever boy, he has figured out that if he heads for the contacts (yellow) on the equipment, I will click and he gets a treat. So off he goes, no matter where I am, and bangs down the teeter or trots over the dog walk. He always stops on the yellow and waits for me to notice so I can tell him what a good boy he is!
 Started a new obedience class yesterday, and he is my "demo" dog. Worked out wonderfully, as he is so keen to have a job and likes to use his brain. It's always inspiring for the students when they can see such a young dog do so well!!
 I weighed him at 12 weeks - 9.2lbs and 12" tall. Though I still feel he will not be huge. He is just very stocky and built like a brick s**t house! Crush at the same age was 12" tall and 6.8lbs. And I think SHE has good bone! (she is 14 1/2" full grown) I already have people wanting one of his pups......


Gin is a big hit here, nothing bothers him (except sitting in an ex pen while I am working with another dog!!). All my friends/students - who have seen many of the pups I have brought up over the years - are really impressed with how he just takes everything in stride. Even my students who have standard Aussies (you know how they can hate the minis!!) can't help commenting on what a beautiful-head-he-has-he-looks-just-like-a-real-aussie..... I think he'll be ready to use as my "demo dog" for my next obedience class in a couple of weeks.

 The picture quality is not great, I took them with my video camera....
 Hope all is well with you and your "crew".


Sir Prize x Luseal



Good Morning Minda,

Well what an absolute little doll, she is on my lap as I’m typing.  She had a long day yesterday, the flight was delayed and by the time they had her transported to the Continental Cargo Dept we took her home about 12am.  Regardless, she was one happy licking loving ball of fur.  She ate a whole small bowl of food and drank just fine.  She already seems to rule the roost with our other two Aussies (males), they have given her a lot of doggie reassurance.  She went outside this morning for the first time and walked in snow.  Hilarious, I have to grab a video because she holds her paws in the air, like she is touching something sticky.  My husband got her to sleep cuddled in his robe.  No question she is perfect for us, kids out of the house and retired.  She’s a little over-tired and fighting taking a nap, but she is doing great.

You have done a marvelous job of human bonding.  More later and pics.  Don’t hesitate to call, home is .  We are in for the weekend, no adventures planned, time for her to rest.


PS She just konked out…



Rocky x triscuit bmf











Hi Minda,

We are very interested in another female toy.... I’d like to give you a deposit on a female. Not so picky as to Tri or merle. Just want tiny!

Simone has exceeded all of our expectations. She is gentle, yet assertive and confident. Extremely smart and loving. The only problem is that my husband and I love her so much that he wants to keep her with him at work when she’s big enough and I won’t let her go! So we must have another…

Thank you for breeding what we feel is the ultimate companion dog and certainly the cutest of all breeds.




Hi Minda,

I just want to give you an update. We’ve named our little girl Simone. Her coloring is so yummy, like a smore!

I’m trying to get a good photo of her, but she’s very fast. I thought my first Aussie was fast at Simone’s age, but this dog is unbelievable. She’s also the smartest dog I’ve ever trained. She learned to climb the stairs yesterday. This morning she ran up the stairs in to “her” bathroom and went potty on the pee-pee pad all on her own and we’ve only had her for 5 days!

She is doing great with the cat and our older girl, Bailey. We love her so much; we see a mini toy in the future. I’ll get back to you on that one!

I’ll send you a photo when I get a good one.  Hope all is well.


 Southern California

hi minda,  we bought a puppy from u last year, black tri male from mr. perry and chiquita, we named him tucker. think u had him as mr. macho.  what a great dog, great personality, and loves our other dog ty, border collie. ... would (like to) take cinnamon, ...  we live in cortland, ny so we had to fly him to nj to pick him up.  u have us hooked on your dogs. absolutely beautiful and just a great breed.  thanks kim




Hi Minda!

Wow, what fun we are having with our BELLA!!!
We LOVE her more than we thought possible.
Our other (male) full-size Aussie loves her even more than we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is charming, loveable, sweet, smart, and OURS!!!!!!!!
Thank you a billion times for being honest and EXACTLY who you represent yourself as on your website!!
We'll send more as she grows (she has already gained one pound and now weighs 5.4 pounds)!!!!
OUR BEST!!!!!!
Terri and Foster


Perry x betty boob - little black tri girl (14wks) with full size neutered male


12/1/07 - puppy sold to MEXICO..

Hi Minda........I am short of words for describe all qualities of "ARTHUR".
My kids are wonderfull with him and don't want to sleep 2 days ago.....only want to play with him, because what energy have!!!!!
I only want to say to you THANKS A LOT.
I will buy many many puppies to you......and horses of course

Perry x Betty boop - red tri toy male w/blue eye

Hi how are you doing? Elvis and I just want to say hi, this is his first
trip to the snow he had so much fun we played in the snow all day. He is 8
months old in the picture.



coco black tri (bi) male



just to let you know pups arrived just fine,Cream puf is a little scared still but is coming but lit bit is the fun of the pack even my 2 other are afraid of her first night I left them togheter and they cried just a few times.they have experience snow this mornig they seem to like it
bye talk to you in a little while
thanks very nice dogs


Mosaic x shadow - elocus golden


Ok, his name is Ricky Ricardo(cause he is such a loverboy), and we are in
love with him. What a sweet smart pup. Best thing I ever did was decide on
him, and I have looked a a lot of other pups from other breeders. A LOT of
Thank you.

Black tri _ bandit x pretty girl

blue merle - rocky x sugar


 Hey Minda,

The pups are doing great..I get stopped all of the time from people wanting to see the dogs. They are so friendly and loving..I couldn’t have asked for better dogs.
I took the pups to have pictures taken for fall and I wanted you to see them. My sister owns a pet specialty store and she has show this picture to so many people. She said she could sell these dogs for you in a heart beat!!!
Hope you are doing well....Lucy and Nova send their kisses


Rocky x Bonnie black tri female #2, Feb. 2007)


Hi Minda,

Just thought id update you on "Indy" ( Rocky x Bonnie black tri female #2, Feb. 2007) She ended up being a lil bigger than id hoped for.....Just over 13 inches tall! I dont want her anymore.........Just kidding she is the greatest dog Ever, she goes everywhere with me!! 

Her coat  is really starting to fill out, and she is getting very muscular.  She loves people and other animals, cats n rabbits, ect.... She knows tons of tricks, she learns super fast and will learn pretty much anything  i have the time to teach her. she loves, frisbee or any kinda fetch, Shes Awesome at finding my lost keys, likes herding my friends ducks and geese around...Shes full of energy when its time to play, but she mellows out when its time to relax in the house.

I had her fixed at 6 months, and it slowed her down for about 1 day. She is awesome!

Thanks again Minda, I cant wait for another!


beau (perry x abby) & chica(rocky x bonnie blue)


Hi Minda,
Hope you remember me and Tony.  We were up end of April this year to purchase these 2 beautiful puppies Chica and Beau Blu.  They are now 7 mns old and more beautiful than ever.
Chica is so full of life and lots of spirit.  Very friendly and playful even though she suffered a minor set back.  She was attacked by a pit bull very viciously at the dog park one day, but has had a full recovery.  We have revised our dog park visits since then.  She is 18.2 lbs and estimated to be about 12 1/2 inches and tiny, petite and bold.  A real 'spitfire' she has been called.
Beau is all smiles and love.  He just loves us to death and is very protective/possessive of me and Chica.  He's very kick back yet quite reserved with other people/dogs.  He weighs in at 27.6 lbs and is approimately 13'.  He's more long than he is tall and big boned.  He gets lots of looks and great reviews.  He's absolutely beautiful.
We couldn't be more proud of them.  I am attaching just a few graduation pics and a few backyard pics from today 9/15/07.


rocky x triscuit



We have her. I can't believe how smart she is. She already walked around the neighborhood on a leash with no problem! She also followed us around the neighborhood and didn't leave our side.

She was definitely scared when we picked her up, but as soon as we got home she was fine and is running around and having fun.

Thanks, Jeff and Sue


 We want to thank you for our wonderful little Bella. We just love her. She is the sweetest, cutest puppy and her eyes just melt our hearts.

 She was a bit out of sorts when we picked her up at the airport, but by the time we got her home, she was giving us kisses and running around checking out her new home. We gave her a quick bath and she was as good as new. She’s so much fun to watch; she bounces around playing with her toys and anytime she sees her reflection, she bounces back in the air. She already comes when she’s called and is even picking up housetraining after only a few days; she’s so smart. I can’t wait to start training with her.

We’re so happy we have her and she’s great company while working from home; she’s the perfect office mate! 

 Again, thanks so much!

 Sue and Jeff Newport Beach,



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