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 WHAT IS A "TOY"      AUSSIE???     



sold- references




 CUTE PHOTOS - Just some photos I thought were cute

folded arms aren't going to stop us, nice perch to get /give kisses - pumpkin & lil guy (adults)

Bandit loves to ride on the lawn mower - if we could just teach him to use it..


Folks ask how the dogs get on with cats, photos of Sky (original Male) and kitten who just decided it was warmer to sleep ON sky on a cool fall day-






 Kitty - Oh gee - a warm perch






  kitty- lets get comfy.. 






  SKy-  Might as well  snooze too

hey - let the guy sleep- we just spent all morning tearing up the garbage

hey- if you can get on the table - so can I..

GEE do we like people ?- we love people..

Ok, no ball, lets play with this

 Oh please rub my tummy

OK - I'm guarding this entrance, try to make it in

          so much playing, need a nap