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HUGHES  TOY Miniature Australian Shepherds 



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 PUPPY ID-   Elsa's BLUE Merle female  Price  $2000 pet/breeder


puppy  SMALL TOY  Australian shepherd

photo 8/28 4mths.. horizontal bar ABOVE her is 12" .. she is staying small cute and a LOVEBUG




 photo at 12 weeks.. weighs 4lbs.. small small happy happy girl.


 nose will fill in black as she gets older.. very sweet small girl ..


gender female
coat Color  blue Merle
  tail docked -  dew claws removed
eye color  look 2 blue
Est SIZE  est  small toy  --UNDER 12 " 10lb   mature
Date of BIrth  4/25/17
est go home    Vet checked and can go home

PRA-  MDR1 and Hc n/n clear by parentage



MOM - Elsa  11" blue merle  CLEAR- PRA,MDR1 & HC Dad - Lil Chip - 12" black tri 2 blue eye tri -   CLEAR- PRA, MDR1 & HC





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WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS THOUGH PAYPAL - please if paying in full or for airfare please Add 3..% pp fee  Please contact me for paypal id..

    NOTE- we require an paypal deposit or email confirmation of payment sent within 24hrs of "saying" you want the puppy to hold the puppy.

deposits on puppies are $250 or 1/2 of total price whichever is higher

 "PET" = price requires proof of spay or neuter, no breeding

 " breeder" = price includes full registration & "breeding rights" does not

guarantee the puppy will be breeding "quality" by someones standards

that change, or that the puppy will breed in the future.

 pet/breeder = price is with full registration even if purchased as pet, puppy

 is nice enough to be show/breeder & or keep myself,

 so not discounting for "pet" price.

Shipping - young puppies $300 for airfare/vet & carrier if I can get the puppy there  via  alaska air.

OTHER airlines are  $350, as airfare is $250 -300 & some areas- small towns  may be higher for "vip" service. or need to overnight kennel - I do my best to get the puppy to YOU at a reasonable rate, but you may have to drive a little to save on airfare or overnight kennel charges if you live in a small town

Older puppies/mature dogs rate dependant on carrier size & weight.


HUGHES  TOY Miniature Australian Shepherds 



all puppies are VET CHECKED prior to

before going to new home & 

includes 1 mth free health insurance *

deposits are $250 or 1/2 of total price whichever is higher

prices are subject to change (up or down) without notice 

Let us know what you are looking for - may not be listed yet or check out

  Expected Litters



NOTE- we require an paypal deposit or email confirmation of payment sent within 24hrs of "saying" you want the puppy to hold the puppy.

please read our "contract -health guarantee" - by purchasing a puppy,  you agree to it.  if you sign it or not.


Note - we reserve the right to refuse to sell to any party for any reason


see FAQ's for info on health, shots, shipping, pet/breeder etc.

 2YR genetic health guarantee,

ASDR registered

NSDR registration avail on some litters, we originally reg with NSDR, most puppies  can be "hardshipped"  NSDR -     but for NAMASCUA & MASCUA under 14" is a "fault".. the regulations/standards change


insurance offered through nextdaypets/trupanion insurance. Buyer will receive email from trupanion upon shipping/pickup of puppy and is responsible for complying with trupanions requirements to set up insurance.  available only in the US

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