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CURRENT PUPPIES Available-     

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HUGHES TOYS - Available Puppies

 TOY & Miniature Australian Shepherds


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ALL Puppies vet checked before going home

 and facility -dogs  VET checked Jan 2018..

Teacup -Small Toy Toy Aussie MINI Aussie  

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   lower priced  puppies -  $1000 or less -

   NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM, (unless noted) -usually the plain jane    black   tri males - mismarks,  or getting older -   a  blue merle girl will rarely be on this page..

Teacup -Small Toy Aussie puppies- page   

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 small TOY Aussie Puppies available expected to be  10-12" or under

 new litter 5/18

Toy Aussie puppies page    

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 TOY Aussie Puppies available     expected  to be 12-14"


 new litter 5/18 - 


MINI Aussie puppies page

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mini Aussie puppies available expected to be 14" & over-

some may be x-tra large standard  over 18"


 new litter 5/18


BLUE EYE TRIS  BET page          click here


Blue eye tri Toy & mini Aussie Puppies & Adults available

 we have small toys to minis.. reds/blacks, males/females

  pets and breeders..

 selling more as pets/pet prices as need them go home earlier

 EXPECTED LITTERS page              click here if you didn't find what you were looking for in what's available, or want a puppy in a couple of months


prices subject to change without notice -


I will not hold a puppy without deposit   sorry too many "checks in the mail" that don't arrive, I'll pick up/pay in a couple days, I hold/tell others the puppy is spoken for =  and no return call -

can be made via paypal  or wire trf/direct deposit to my acct at chase or wells fargo



HOW IT WORKS click here on how to get a puppy

 Prices listed  -PET -working service dog prospect - no papers, no breeding -(                                                                                             ALL DOGS ARE REGISTERED ASDR but do not sell puppies with breeding rights/papers  unless listed "breeder"

 I Do SHIP nationally & internationally - WITHIN USDA requirements -    can use pet nanny -

  email or call for details

LOCAL SALES are as PETS and are FACE TO FACE  - please click on HOW IT WORKS


 LOVE THE DIVERSITY OF THIS BREED -  all "FOUR SIZES - STANDARD, MINI, TOY & TEACUP, are a result of  breeding the original LITTLE BLUE DOG with other breeds in the early 1900s.   the STANDARD aussie breeders made it to AKC first, ..

 the mini & "toy" breeders used other breeds to crossbred with the little blue dog.  and there will be traits of the breeds used by each group, in each of the "sizes"   Yes I've seen Standard aussies that looked like Bernese Mt dog (used in standards) and toys that looked like poms (used in toys) but the goal ? is that they look like an aussie -

 but the main trait of the aussie I love is the INTELLIGENCE, LOYALTY and diversity of colors.

I DON'T LIKE or have a lifestyle that fits  a 100lb HIGH ENERGY dog , but I want the intelligence, loyalty and low maintenance, health  and gorgeous colors the "little blue dog" contributed to the "aussie"..