HUGHES Miniature - TOY Australian Shepherd dogs

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sky 14", gnatalee 6"

sky 14" on pillow

10 toys on the same pillow



People asked to see a comparison with something they could identify for sizes.. dave is 6.2

 dave with 15" aussie-        25-30lb  dave with 12" aussie -15lb  dave with 10" aussie 8lb the three..


sky (14" smmini)  next to full size Aussie                   standard aussies 18+inch a shoulder, 50+lb

Minis  14-17in  20-40lb            


Sky (sm mini) 14" Bandit toy 10"
bandit fits in Skys food bowl

 TOYs 13" under-  to 20lbs

super toy - we are getting even smaller, 10" under, 8lbs

this is lil guy & pumpkin (2yrs-&1yr) in hubbys arms - they like the crossed arms- closer to the face for kisses.

super toys 10" less under 10lbs

mini - 15" can be 35-35lb

large toy

12-14" 15-25lb

small toy - 10-12"


teacup toy

under 10" 6-8lbs