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HUGHES  TOY Miniature Australian Shepherds 


  Small toy puppies expected to be under 12


we do not breed specifically for teacups.. to breed just to get smaller is not healthy- small teacup girls do not birth naturally and lots more health issues with tiny x tiny -  we do get smaller puppies from our small toy girls and teacup males.. but guarantee they VET CHECK 100% healthy to lead a normal healthy long life





available puppies below -



 PUPPY ID-   Lil Sydney red merle female  Price 1500 pet puppy toy mini  Australian shepherd



                                                                                                                    will look a lot like grandma Pumpkin



gender FEmale
coat Color red merle
eye color      part blue
Est SIZE   toy 12-13
Date of BIrth  8/05/16
est go home 10/05/16

         both parents have a 10" parent/grandparent.. she got the small genes

mom -

lil sydney



dad -

lil rusty







 PUPPY ID-   Sweetlou black tri male 1   $testing puppy toy   Australian shepherd






gender male
coat Color black tri
eye color      1 blue 1 dark
Est SIZE  tiny  toy  under 12
Date of BIrth  8/20/16
est go home 10/25/16


mom -

 sweet lou - 10" 8lbs blue merle



dad -

lil chip - 2blue eye tri - 12"









Main puppy page









we have a couple girls that have been bred - will post when know girls are cooperating


teacup toy aussies - estimated to be 10"   or under,


we have set these terms/sizes ourselves trying to distinquish between the sizes.. there is a major "volumetric" difference between the mature size/weight of a 13" TOY, and a 9" micro toy.   


thier ears may or may not be "perky" but will send ear glue to glue/set them down.. the smaller ears just tend to not have enough fold to go/stay over on their own- it is a fine line between perky ears & "spaniel" ears..

They maintain the smarts and temperment of the mini-toy aussie, we breed for not hyper or yippy  They don't have the health issues of other small breeds comparable in size, or the grooming requirements..

 PLEASE NOTE- we have selectively bred DOWN in size. these are not "runts" or premature puppies.  They are vet checked for health.  Science has now identified  "growth limiation" genes in dogs,  why a chihauha is smaller than a great dane.  multiple genes exist in smaller breeds and the number or type of limitation genes determines the dogs final size.  In the aussies, so many breeds went into the aussie that I think several different size limiting genes exist.  and if a puppy gets "all of them" they end up being smaller..  we have puppies that are 2 lbs at 9wks that mature only 4lbs.. they just don't grow anymore .. and rarely we get one that didnt' get any of the "stop growing" genes and matures much larger than their parents.  we can tell these at 4-6wks.. the puppy either slows/stops growing or just accelerates growth.



our goal with the teacup/toy aussies is to keep the intelligence, loyalty and looks of the aussie - minus the herding - in a smaller house sized dog that doesn't have the grooming requirements, health and yapping issues of most small toy breeds.

registered therapy dog


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