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Blue EYE Tris – BET

WE HAVE – 2 Blue Eye Tri Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds For sale

I have been breeding the “blue eye tri” (BET) Miniature Australian Shepherd –  for over 10yrs. Got my first BET’s when there were very few and very expensive. Found most were “inbred”, some father to daughter to get it. I wasn’t willing to “go there”, so bought BETS from multiple lines, multiple sources. And still was not getting very many “BETS” in litters. So researched the breeders that consistantly had 2 BETs, and they seemed to all trace back to the dog “ch Howards Wasigni-ishna Ghosteyes”. He was a standard 2 blue eye blacktri with very minimal white. I was lucky to get three dogs from this line that the father was a 14″ mini from Toy lines. SPirit, Spirit of Grace and Spiritdancer. By breeding them to my Minis & small toys FROM OTHER BET LINES, I was able too over several generations, and many years get down to small toys 2 BETs, consistantly. Most of my dogs have BET’s behind them. By combining my ‘lines” the offspring can have all 4 lines ancestry be BET’s so they produce, sire them. Now have LOTS of Blue Eye Tri Australian Shepherds for sale, BET aussie, Teacups, toys, puppies to adults, Minis, Reds, Blacks, Boys & girls. I need to downsize, dogs numbers & size.

  This page is just for “breeder” quality BET’s but can also be purchased as pets.

Mini aussie puppy – Black TRI male 2bet

puppy id -Grace-ci elles Black Tri male

est Large toy mini aussie

  • Color: Black TRI
  • Gender: Male
  • tail Docked & dew claws removed
  • Eye Color: 2 blue
  • Est Size: large toy – smmini 13-
  • Date of Birth: 4/12/19
  • Est Go Home: vet checked & can go home 
  • Dad – Utah
  • Mother: Gracecis Elle
  • Clear PRA, & Hc – DM  by parentage’
  • tested MDR1 clear

Pet breeder Price: $1500.

Mini aussie puppy – RED TRI male 2 blue eyes

Puppy Id – Sydneyblue 2 RED tri MALE

est mini aussie

  • Color: RED tri
  • Gender: Male
  • Tail docked & dew claws removed
  • Eye Color: 2 blue
  • Est Size: mini 15″
  • Date of Birth: 05/13/19
  • Est Go Home: 7/13/19
  • Father: Trixeymanred 2bET –
  • Mother: Sydneyblue2
  • CLEAR PRA, MDR1 & HC by parentage

breeder price $1500

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