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Hi,  We have a few more than normal litters right now, some older as I was injured early summer and was not able to get photos, puppies out . Was able to take care of them, but could not really see or drive. Plus during period of high long summer heat, we had to put a few more dogs together in shaded, cool runs. Girls that werent' expected to be ready to bred , did.. so have litters that weren't expected. But on the other hand I will have a quiet rest time over winter . Downsizing numbers & size and semi -retiring   

so have tried to make your search for your perfect puppy easier.  Puppy -  litters on pages by estimated mature size.  While trying to est mature size based on parentage and size at different ages, cannot guarantee they won't be slightly smaller or larger than the page they are listed on.   some puppies may be on mulitple pages .

   Scroll down to see all pages. Thanks.  If don't see what you are looking for, message me.. working on photos, website, and learning new format. 

Toy Mini Aussies - Puppies Of the Week

Toy Aussie Puppy

Discounted lower priced puppies to go home - right now lots of Tris - ........

Priced  $850.  or under

Puppies of the Week

Teacup Toy Aussies Puppies

Teacup Aussie

Xtra small toy aussies exp to be under 10" mature

Teacup Aussies Puppies

Toy Aussie Puppies -Small

Small Toy Aussie

Small toy Aussie puppies exp to be         

 10+ to 12" mature

Toy Aussies- Small


Toy mini Aussie Puppies

Large TOy Aussie

Toy aussie Puppies - Large -exp to be  12+ to 14" mature

Large Toy Puppies

Miniature Aussie Puppies

Mini Aussie

Mini Aussie puppies exp to be

 15- 18" mature

Mini Aussie Puppies

Mini Aussie Puppies -Large

Extra Large Mini Aussie

Some minis throwback to larger parents "genes" so grow oversized to over 18"

page in progress


2 blue eye Tri Aussie Puppies 2BET

2 Blue Eye Tri TOy Aussie

Blue eye Tri Aussie Puppies 

2 bet

Expected Litters

Aussie with toys

If looking for a puppy in the future please contact us   Page in progress

Adult dogs, breeders for sale

Adult 2 blue eye tri Aussie

will be selling some of my Adult breeding dogs, mainly minis in the near future- retiring from large dogs 

page in progress

Contact Us For Toy Mini Aussies

Drop us a line! If form doesn't work, email is ***503-505-2124

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