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Portland,  Mt Hood   OREGON


 Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs

10" tinytoy      12-14" toy        14-17" mini   


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 New Litter 8/16

updated  8/20/16 



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  ALL dogs & Puppies are VET CHECKED

               *includes 1 mth free  health insurance  in US*      2yr health guarantee* see contract

  Dogs,  facilities and procedures inspected/reviewed by USDA Veterinarian. 

                Genetic TESTING  to improve the line and long term genetic health  

Breeding Toy & Mini aussies for 20 yrs     

Breeding Quality Family Companions, 

Champion, show,  breeding,  foundation lines

  Proven WORKING SERVICE dogs.

 Multiple lines for 2 blue eye tris -  BETs

                                       WE DO SHIP -

                                             within new USDA rules please contact us for information




photos on this page are of adults or previous sold puppies - click on puppies pages for current puppies



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   WE breed for Toy Australian shepherds (9-14") (toy aussies) &  

Miniature Australian Shepherds (14"-18")( mini aussies) 

but get all sizes - micro , teacup, small toy, toy, mini & large mini







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