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Toy Mini Aussies

Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds 30+ yrs experience

Foundation and Champion Lines. and Breeder of Champions

Honest and Responsible Aussie Breeders

USDA Veterinarian

USDA Veterinarian

Dogs, puppies, facilities and procedures are inspected and reviewed by USDA Veterinarian.
Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing to improve the line and long term genetic health.
ASDR Registered

ASDR Registered

All dogs are ASDR registered and we do ship with USDA rules or Pet Nanny services.

Over 30 Years of Experience and Education

Best of selection

Best of selection, nutrition and care of adults means healthy happy puppies

Adult breed dogs have been selected for family companion friendly calm temperament and health first & genetically tested to ensure you get a healthy long term companion. We have kennel link fenced over 2 acre to keep out the dangers to dogs and health of puppies – Coyotes, deer, wildlife etc. My dog runs are minimum 10 ft by 20+ ft with covered patio area and housing (usually 2-3 dogs per run). We have larger play yard under supervision to get the exercise they need.

Have Bachaler Science Degree in Agriculture and multiple continuing education courses in genetics, whelping, neonatal care, puppy culture, stimulation and training.

Handling the Puppies

Puppies are born- raised in at home-bio-secure area for their and moms health and safety. Until shots puppies do not have sufficient immunity to be in high traffic areas including in the main house/yard where people track parvo back just from going to the store. In our case we are rural and coyotes (canine family and carry parvo) come up to the front entrance so must have different shoes on to walk into the dog/puppy area.

Mothers get best of care & nutrition before, during pregnancy and nursing puppies to pass that nutrition to their puppies. Puppies get FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma) for enhanced immunity. Puppies get early neurological stimualation and daily puppy culture. 

Handling the Puppies

We Have and have bred many champions

We do not focus on ‘show” as have found that what wins is not always what is the best of the breed, but who can afford to be there (both time & $$). Grooming expertise in hiding faults and “show grooming” is critical – great grooming does not mean its the best dog. And sadly who knows who- friends or competitors – can more determine what animal wins/loses than the best animal. There are not many shows in the PNW due too lack of breeders in this area. Going to shows can also bring back serious  diseases . The standard that wins today can change by the whims of someone, as to what wins tomorrow. Sometime those changes are not where I want, so do not blindly follow. But I do understand that basic showing does confirm breed type and conformation is correct.
 Many of our puppies bought by “show” breeders have won to Best in Show and Elite.

Our pride is having many “best Home Pet” awards from happy buyers

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