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Local Buyers – How it works

Step 1 – Pick a Puppy

How it works?

.. New outbreak of canine influenza – makes biosecurity even more critical to keeping dogs/puppies healthy as it is airborne.. PROVEN outbreak of PARVO on the west coast, recent cases in Portland. Puppies do not go out or visitors in.. Recent known case (not me) breeder let people out to see – 1st puppy went home OK, within 3 days the rest got sick, parvo and had to be euthanized. was terrible strain. NOT TAKING THAT CHANCE. Giving booster Neopar shots before puppies go home.


Current process

  If you have are looking for a puppy, see one on our Facebook page or this website, email, call or text us (email- is best. phone 503-505-2124.. Tell us what you are generally or specifically looking for, size, gender, color, temperment, activity, price range. and tell us some about yourself – family, living (house, apt, yard,) exercise, activity level and experience with puppies and aussies – helps.  We can let you know if the puppy you are looking at fits, or if we have or will have a puppy that will.

  We do not hold a puppy without a deposit – 

We guarantee the puppy will be healthy and pass a vet check prior to the local meeting and you getting it, and if meet in person, that you will like the puppy or can change/transfer your deposit or will return your deposit.


All of our breeding dogs are registered with and multi-generation ASDR, from foundation lines. Genetic testing being done for PRA, MDR1, etc. and full panels on boys as can. and vet evaluation of Hips. All dogs and puppies are vet checked. Many of our breeding dogs are multi-generation our breeding. We know what the parents, grandparents were, and how the puppies generally mature from various parents. Some traits cannot be tested for yet and show up in offspring. Anyone that breeds dogs without multigeneration pedigree and knowledge of the testing, temperament and health background is not being a responsible breeder.

“VISITATION” – WE are working on setting up a place that can meet onsite, with deposit and personal information – but is work in progress to be sure of safety, biosecurity, security for puppy and me. After having someone come back and steal from us based on puppy visitation and calling to reschedule – getting our schedule.. its hard to trust.

Current process

Puppies, facilities, Procedures, practices are inspected, reviewed by the USDA vet for the area

We have puppies that go to Europe, Isreal, etc. must maintain biosecurity for them and YOU.

EXPLAINING NO VISITATION – if you understand – then go to step 2.

1) for biosecurity – There is high incidence of Parvo in the area – I sell puppies all over the world and they have strict quarantine requirements. Parvo lives in the environment for up to a year and is carried from place to place on shoes, clothes, dirt in the car tires. We are rural and coyotes (canine family & carry parvo) come up to our front yard. I wear different shoes into dog and puppy area.

Allowing multiple strangers in who have gone from breeder to breeder or even shelter negates my ability to guarantee other buyers a healthy puppy . After years of telling people that they could not visit another breeder prior to coming to me, and then after they had handled all my puppies, hearing their kid say – oh these are nice – at the last place they were all sick – and then dealing with a chronic respiratory issue . you give up on trusting everyone.

To the puppy buyer that has never dealt with parvo, I hope you don’t have to deal with that heartbreak. But I have, (15+yrs ago picked up at vets) and not since because I implemented strict biosecurity for my puppies. BUt I have gotten the calls from the buyers who believed the propaganda about needing to touchy – and went to the place that let everyone come in and “touchy-looky” and got a sick/dying puppy and that seller won’t return their calls. They call me because now they realize I was knowledgeable and right and ask me what to do to save the puppy.

2) stranger danger and lack of courtesy. – I personally had SCARY “VISITS (visitors)” and attempted theft – dogs are being stolen & “flipped” on craigslist.. There have been breeders found killed in their kennels. I have had some pretty scary “visits” myself.

A lot of people today lack common courtesy . Try selling stuff on craigslist and dealing with that 24/7/365. This is my home, not a retail store location and have had people just show up and walk back -go in with my stallions etc. and come back and steal property and animals.

3) Insurance – our homeowners has specifically said no visitation for animals – dogs/horses is covered.

4) Peace for the neighborhood – strangers make my dogs bark -that is their nature- but the neighbors complain and can’t have complaints.

We guarantee the puppy will be healthy and pass a vet check prior to the local meeting and you getting it, and if meet in person, that you will like the puppy or can change/transfer your deposit or will return your deposit.

Our Dogs, puppies, faciliities, Proceedures/practices are inspected by the USDA vet for the area.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason and will return your deposit

Step 2 – Pay the Deposit

How it works?

We do not hold a puppy without a deposit and the deposit/holding fee must be received within 24 hrs of saying you are sending it. If you want a pup that is unborn or under 8 weeks, you will need to place a deposit.

Deposit/holding fee on puppies locally is $250. Payment for balance upon meeting in cash.

We do leave tails on puppies by special request and payment to 1/2 price is required by 3 days. We cannot guarantee eye color or exact size and 100% of deposit may not transfer to another if cannot resell quickly- (generally can). -deposit is refundable ifs puppy does not pass my pre-go home vet check.

Locally – Deposit is refundable if puppy does not pass vet ck before going home, or transferrable if you change to another puppy before 7wks, or if when you meet puppy and don’t like it. BUT you have to meet – not just place deposit for me to hold but you still look or change mind. Refund will be made within 1 week of meeting. Deposit can also be transferred to future litter to puppy that you like. BUT there is NO refund once you take the puppy home .

If deposit is made and puppy not ready to go home, that Deposit can be transferred to another available pup or future pup for up to 1 year. Puppy must be 7 weeks or less when transferred so I can resell it. Puppies are expected to go home within 1 month of 8 weeks or deposit is made unless otherwise arranged/agreed. If not I have the right to charge for care and/or if cannot contact buyer by methods provided puppy is “abandoned” after 1month,  and no refunds or transfers. (yes this has happened, so have to put in every odd contingency)

Deposit is refundable or transferable if when meet you don’t like it – but if don’t meet it, just change mind, find another . ps- Its really hard to say things right in short paragraph, I am easy to work with, and want the puppy to go to a home that wants it. But too many people today treat breeders like Walmart- have had a person put deposit on a ready to go home puppy – and asked to hold 2weeks for his daughters birthday- then on day to meet with puppy bathed, ready and on my way – get text that she had liked the first one they looked at.. refund his deposit. when called he said He had put deposits on 3 different puppies/breeds so she had a choice. Said a deposit obligated me to hold it , but not for him  to buy it.

We take deposit payment thru PayPal, (Chase, Welllsfargo, BofA etc) or venmo.,. Note: due to change in PayPal policies that they don’t accept transactions for live animals – you must put in notes that it is a holding fee.  if refunded – I will hold $10. as paypal does not reimburse their fee. 

Please confirm puppy you are placing a deposit on is still available. Once a deposit is placed, we do our best to send weekly updates and photos of your puppy. You can transfer your deposit up to puppy being 7 weeks if something changes. 

Meeting to get your puppy

If the puppy is ready to go home, we will meet you when convenient & mutually agreed time and public place.

If puppy not ready to go home will arrange meeting after vet check and ready.

With Deposit – Note- working on setting up place for people that have placed deposit and provided information to view puppy in secure – biosecurity & safety for puppy and me place. but a project in progress. –

1 puppy will be held pending meeting, and I will meet  within 1 hour drive from Sandy OR . Which is about woodburn (south), Kelso Wa (north) or Mt Hood government camp(east) . When your puppy is ready to go home, I will arrange a meeting at mutually agreed time and public place but is based on my schedule, availability.

Without deposit- I will NOT HOLD a puppy . IF puppy still available when can reasonably meet, I will meet within 1/2 hour of Sandy OR, which is Damascus – gresham or  Airport.

I guarantee you will love your puppy when meet it or deposit is refundable or transferrable. If possible I will bring another similar puppy you like – if not reserved by someone else prior to meeting.

Balance due can be paid via Zellepay prior to meeting (still guaranteed) or Cash.

NO creditcards- paypal  or checks at meeting.

What you Get

OUR dogs, puppies, facility and care are inspected/reviewed by a USDA certified Veterinarian.

* A Healthy puppy raised with love & care in a biosecure environment. Puppies cannot come out of biosecure area until after 1st shots, which is 7weeks. Basically close to go home. I do not have puppy “shoppers” out going from breeder to breeder due to transfer of diseases – especially parvo. Parvo can be transferred on your shoes, clothes and the tires of your car.

* Parents are multi-generation REGISTERED ASDR – from carefully selected breeding for family companion temperment and health. Many of our breeding dogs are generations of our breeding . We have/know the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Know their temperments, health, strengths and weaknesses. But “physical” attributes – ie phenotype is not always what they sire/produce. That is in their genes – ie genotype – and can only know how a “line” produces by breeding multiple generations and keeping offspring to see how they mature – both physically, health- short & long term- and temperment.

* parents being tested for genetic issues that would negatively impact the puppy growing up to be a long term family companion

* Our breeding girls are given the best of care to ensure healthy pregnancies and puppies. Inutero development can be affected by food, nutrition, enviornment and care.

* Puppies get Fresh Frozen Plasma at birth – to give them stronger antibodies. Puppies will have the strongest shots on the market – Neopar and Duramune. Will be wormed with rotation of wormers. Treatment for flea prevention. Puppies will have the shots, worming, flea treatment per protocols until leaving.

* I guarantee puppy will pass vet check prior to going to new home.

Please read our contract regarding this guarantee..

* 1 month free Trupanion health insurance.

* 2 yr genetic health guarantee

* I have been breeding toy/mini aussies for over 30+years . I do not have another breed of dog. I have bred Aussies for quality family companions over “perfect ear set- ie show type” since the beginning. I have breeding stock that trace to the foundations of the breed, and all breeding dogs are MULTI GENERATION Miniature Australian Shepherd.

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