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We have been breeding Toy Mini Australian shepherds for 20+ Years. Currently HAVE PUPPIES AVAILABLE. ALL SIZES ALL COLORS.  

Slide photos below are just some of current and past puppies  - go to puppies available pages to see what we have available currently.   Please read How it works


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Portland, Oregon, Mt Hood, Pacific Northwest PNW, Washington, Canada,    California                       

Updated 12/16/2018.

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Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd Dogs

What sets Hughes Toys Aussies Apart - 20 years experience, Education. Responsible, caring, Honest.

   We have been breeding animals from rabbits, Cats, horses and dogs since Highschool - was in FFA (future farmers of America.).  Have been breeding TOY Mini Aussies, for over 20 years from ORIGINAL foundation bloodlines that we made our own line HUGHES TOYS.  From the beginning our goal was great temperment and health for Perfect Family Companion, over show.  Though many dogs we have bred, that are with show breeder homes, are Champions in the Breed.  So we maintain breed standards. We have selectively bred the Toy Mini Aussie for less herding, lower energy and more service companion dog traits.  In our opintion, the loyalty, intelligence and beauty of the Toy Mini Aussie is unmatched by other breeds.  Our "pick of litter" is the Perfect Family Pet.

Experience & Education - Knowledge- We have 20+yrs experience breeding Toy & Mini Aussies. Education - College BS degree in Agriculture with ongoing workshops/Education on Genetics and Breeding practices and Animal Care. We started with dogs from foundation breeders and flew in dogs when It wasn't common practice to get unrelated foundation lines.  Now we have multiple generations our breeding to develop a "line". HUGHES TOYS dogs are now in many breeding programs and worldwide, thoughout Europe, and to  Isreal and Korea.  Dogs are from NSDR stock but now ASDR reg.

REASONABLY PRICED -  for genetically tested, well taken care of, correctly raised, vet care , foundation and champion pedigreed lines.  

Responsible - Genetic Testing,  Top quality Feed and Care, Vet care and inspection. Strong Bio-security to ensure you get a healthy puppy. 

STRONG 2 BLUE EYE Tri GENETICS. WE HAVE Implemented BLUE EYE TRIS and WORKED ON DOWNSIZING the Ch Howards Wasigni-Ishna Ghosteyes 2 BET lines for over 10 yrs.  This also means we get a LOT of 2 blue eye merles. 

Full time to be here when the dogs - puppies  - need us.  

Honest - We do our best to represent our dogs and puppies, as to expected size, color, temperment and energy level as accurately as possible so they will "fit" your life.  Some of which requires that YOU be honest about you.  We don't "fluff" in prose and poetry or ambiguous phrases that implies something but says nothing.


Ethical - We honor our word, guarantees and work with people (within reason) - would not still be here for 20+yrs if not. 

 Health Guarantee - all puppies are guaranteed to pass a VET check prior to leaving, come with 1 month free insurance and a 2 year genetic health guarantee. 

Toy Mini Aussies, Teacup & Lots of 2 BET Puppies Available - links Please read "how it works"

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