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Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds – 20 years experience- Oregon

Teacup Aussie, Toy Aussie, Mini Aussie, Sizes


Sizes of Aussies

Teacup Aussie

Teacup Aussie

Teacup (under 10″ 10lbs mature)
Small toy Aussie

Small toy Aussie

Small toy Aussie estimated under 12″ 20lb mature

Large Toy Aussie

Under 14″ 25lbs mature
small mini Aussie

small mini Aussie

small mini 14-15″ est under 30lbs
Medium mini

Medium mini

Est 15-17″ 30-40lbs
Large Mini Small standard 1

Large Mini – Small standard

Estimate 17″+ 40lbs +

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