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Toy and Mini Aussie Blue Eye Tri (BET)t

We have the dogs with the genetics and locking in the blue eye tri gene.

  • 2 Blue Eye Tri Breeding Males
  • Most of our girls are daughters of blue eye tris, so we will have blue eye tris, not inbreed or line-breed to get them.
  • We have kept daughters of our 2 blue eye tris and will breed to out-cross 2 bet males.
  • Aussie Bet breeding
  • Breeder male reference below, and not for sale.

Lil Chip 12″

Lil Chip 12

TOY AUSSIE – 13″ Red Merle, 2 blue eyes

  • Sire: Chip (from ghost-eyes line)
  • Mom: Sassy from Kenner & Rocky line
  • Home bred boy
  • Downsized from ghosteyes lines
  • He is 12″, but looks full size
  • Gentle boy that loves his cuddles
  • Full Panel Clear
  • Not cryptic merle
  • No S gene
  • PRA clear
  • MDR1 clear
  • HC clear

Heartman 11″

Heartman 11

Black Tri, 1 1/2 blue eye

  • He is a 11 1/2″ blue eye tri – 1 1/4 blue.
  • Weighs about 10 lbs
  • Very social, happy boy
  • Sires mainly small toys 10-12″
  • Super happy, loves people, great temperament
  • PRA carrier, but have several daughters that are clear
  • Will test any puppies for breeding
  • Mdr1 clear
  • Hc clear

DillonBlue 15″

no img


  • info goes here

Triskeyman Red 15″

Triskeyman Red 15

Red Tri, 2 blue eyes

  • Home bred boy
  • Downsized from ghosteyes lines
  • He is 15″, Triskey x graceson.
  • Triskeys mom was Lil Triscuit (11″ toy)
  • Full Panel Clear

Baxter 17″

Baxter 17

Black Tri, 2 blue eyes

  • PRA clear
  • MDR1 clear
Baxter- 2 blue eye Black Tri LARGE mini male – 2yrs. Wonderful temperament – very hard to get a photo of him as is right at my feet if with him. Shown & champion as a puppy. ASDR registered and was shown as a toy. Got him as too big for toy breeding, expected 15-16″, but is now 18″ and bigger than my program. 1st litter was boys and were 2 blue eye tris. But big minis. The girls were smaller and small girls matured into small minis. Parents were small minis. I need to downsize (size & numbers) my breeding program for MY health/age. So not keeping larger girls either. He’s a good quality boy for someone breeding larger minis. Breeder Ashley Edens in Tx. Best Little Toby x Best Little annabella.. he didn’t stay little. ASDR reg. I did pawprints full panel clear, Non-Merle, Non-S. Located in Oregon. Will be expensive to ship, possibly ground. Do want a good home. He’s used to large space to run, covered and attention. No small run kennels. Thanks. PM for more information. He is low priced for what he is, mature breeding age 2 blue eye tri, the proven male has sired 2bets, champion, good lines. Tested pawprints full panel clear, tested non-merle, tested NON-s genes. But he’s not free or cheap.
Baxter 17 2

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