Mini and Toy Aussie Breeding Girls - -------------page in progress

not all girls are here all the time, some live with friends when don't have puppies

Toy Aussie Girls

Kelly Blue

13" blue merle 2blue eyes. Dad Heartman 11". bet. mom 12" red merle. happy girl


13" blue merle 2 blue eyes. homebred girl - Dad Lil squirt, m om Trixey

sweet happy girl


13" red merle 2 blue eyes. Homebred. Dad - Lil squirt  Mom Foxey1

Lil Star

10" 2 blue eye black tri. Homebred girl 

Dad Utah, mom Twinkles (2bet) sweet calm girl 


13" black tri 2 blue eye. Lots of coat. 

Lil Triscuit

11" red merle amber eyes. Looks like greatgrandmother "triscuit". sweet calm girl that produces small with Heartman. Mom to Luvbug

mini aussie girls


16" 2blue eye black tri. From 

Foundation "ch Howard Wasigni-ishna ghosteyes" foundation girl to my 2bet program, have daughters, grandsons, granddaughters and greatgrand. wonderful girl. 

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Spirit dancer

16" mini aussie blue merle - 2 blue eyes

Ghosteyes bloodlines - full sister to Spirit of Grace - 2 blue eye tri

Very sweet funny girl that loves people attention. 

clear PRA, Mdr1 & Hc

KellyBlue 13"

Toy Aussie 13" Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes

  • Heartman x Kelly  
  • PRA -MDR1 - Hc  clear

Lil Triscuit

10" Toy aussie - Red Merle

  • Grandaughter of Triscuit 10" and Pumpkin 10"
  • PRA - MDr1 - Hc clear


Mini and Toy Aussie Breeding Girls NiteNite 13"

13" Toy Aussie - Black Tri

  • Minimal  white  
  • Dillon x Grace-ci  
  • PRA - MDr1 - HC n/n clear


Mini and Toy Aussie Breeding Girls Lucy 14"

14" Mini Aussie - Red Merle, 2 blue eyes

  • from 12" toys
  • Intl champion Lil Squirt x Valentine2 (2bet)
  • PRA-Hc clear Mdr1 carrier


12" Toy Aussie Red Merle, 2 blue eyes

  • Lil squirt x Foxey1
  • PRA -Mdr1-Hc clear

Elsie 11"

Mini and Toy Aussie Breeding Girls Elsie 11"

Blue Merle

  • info goes here

Twilight 14"

Mini and Toy Aussie Breeding Girls Twilight 14"

Black Tri, 2 blue eye

  • info goes here

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