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 – Older & adult Aussies – breeders & pets

 downsizing numbers put the older puppies and adult- older puppies  have to be moved to outside kennel.

PLEASE NOTE THAT OLDER AUSSIES do NOT adjust rapidly to new home, breeders – esp. males have been in outside kennel, in kennel runs or with another breeder and got them back for? diff reasons. They are NOT house trained, car trained pets. they can adjust as a PET but even dogs that were in home, on my bed and petted out – people said were like “rescues”.. Aussies bond and are loyal to their person/people. when rehomed they feel abandoned, no matter how great the new home is. most of my dogs are used to woman (me) and very few outside people. this is for health, safety and just because I am doing this alone. 

I stupidly kept some “breeder” quality males back until over 4mths because if they left before that – the breeder that bought them would say ears went up, testicle went up, bite went off  or something  and want full refund (keep dog) and I’m out..  so now just selling male puppies as pets to avoid the breeder – something went wrong issue. 

I am selling some proven males – larger minis, as downsizing “size & numbers”, still trying.. but rehoming as pets does not work well on older males.  

If you are looking for a house trained, pet –  or in house breeding dog,  I won’t lie like some breeders that all my dogs are in my house (really if you believe that of a breeder with over 3 or 4 dogs?).  my dogs have a good life , loved daily but just ME.. some will adapt faster to a different person, some wont’. it depends on what you expect the dog to do and how long and how much effort you are willing to give for them to bond to YOU.  the old aussie temperment was not adaptable to change, I have bred for 20 yrs for a more adaptable temperment but they aren’t “golden labs” . you have to prove to them you are worth their loving you. It helps if you have another dog that does , has a routine and will help this dog will adjust faster. 

the Meme below – double that for an Adult aussie.